Cover Letter for Human Resources Generalist

I am pleased to apply for the position of Human Resources Generalist at (name of the company). I feel honored to write this cover letter as this opportunity to work in your company still feels like a dream come true. I came to know about this post through a friend who works in the same company (name of the company). when I looked at the advertisement, I came to know that your company has asked for (number of years) of experience for any applicant to apply. I am proud to state here that I have more than (number of years) experience in this field.

I first started my job as a human resources generalist at (name of the company) in (date/ year). Since then I have worked in (name of the company), (name of the institute) and (name of the corporation) at the position of human resources generalist. I have worked in (name of the company) for the longest period.

I firmly believe that I am capable of the position of human resource generalist at your company (name of the company). Moreover, my experience along with my skills and education make me stand out among the other applicants making me the best candidate for the position.

Speaking of my skills I am proud to mention that I am well aware of the duties a human resources generalist has to perform. During the tenure of my duty at (name of the company) as a human resource generalist, I was responsible for carrying out a plethora of tasks. These tasks included managing the day to day human resources operations and successfully administrating the company policies, duties, and programs.

As a part of my administrative duties, I always kept a record for each employee to effectively determine the productivity of each employee. I was also responsible for the management of payroll and employee benefits. For a person to excel as a human resource generalist he has to be a multitasker.

I do not get frightened or stressed by the long and daunting tasks of a human resource generalist; therefore, I always strive to complete all my tasks before deadlines. I am very good at my communication skills. This helps me in managing the relations between the company and the employees. I also have very good leadership and analytical skills. During my tenure as a human resource generalist, I have assisted in the training of the new employees so that they are better able to adjust to the company’s environment. Due to my habit of putting my attention to every little detail, I was always praised by the company manager.

I not only possess enough skills for the job but also, I am highly educated. I have a graduate degree from (name of the university) in (name of the subject). I am proud to state here that I was the gold medalist of my batch and therefore I received an offer to do my post-graduate degree in (name of the subject) from (name of the university) free of charge.

I completed my post-graduate degree with a distinction in (name of the subject/ subjects). I also have a degree/ certificate in (name of the subject). I obtained this degree to improve my communication skills and to be honest, it has helped me a lot in understanding of how to handle several different situations. I strive to resolve all the issues between the company and the employee by listening to their point of view and coming up with a solution that both can agree upon.

At last, I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of Human Resources Generalist position at (name of the company). It would be an honor for me to work with the employees of your company. I assure you that I would give my best in establishing the perfect relationship between the employees and the company.

I look forward to meeting you and your employees. I am eager to share my experiences and passion with you for building healthy relations between the employees of the company and the company itself. For any further query please contact me on the details mentioned.

Yours sincerely,

Name of the applicant

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