Reimbursement Letters

1. Reimbursement letter for fee

I have recently attended a 3 days’ workshop on Project Management delivered by XYZ on behalf of the company. I would like to request you for reimbursement of the workshop registration fees since I was there as my company’s representative.

The total fee amounts to $200/-. I have enclosed the receipt for verification. Kindly make the reimbursement with my next salary payment.

I thank you in anticipation. 

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2. for money

I am a regular customer at XYZ and have always been satisfied with your products. However, my recent purchase is defective. I, therefore, request you for a full refund for the faulty product.

I ordered an air humidifier through your website on 12th June and paid you with my credit card. I made a total payment of $260 which includes the price of the product as well as the shipment and delivery charges. The ordered product does not work since the power cable is broken. The damage probably occurred during shipment owing to poor packaging.

I do not want a replacement for the faulty air humidifier from you. This time I intend to buy the product directly from a reliable electronics store where I can test and check it first-hand before making the purchase. Therefore, I expect my payment to be reimbursed by your company. The refund should cover both the cost of the item and the shipment charges. If you want me to return the damaged item to you, I would want a reimbursement for the additional courier charges as well.

Kindly contact me soon and proceed with my request. I have enclosed the invoice. I look forward to good customer support from you regarding the matter.

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3. Reimbursement email to HR

This is with reference to the business dinner I arranged for our clients Mr. and Mrs. XYZ with the Manager, Mr. John Doe this week on 4th December. I seek reimbursement for the bill that I paid for dinner.

The meal was for five people at the ABC Hotel. The enclosed bill includes charges for the main meal, drinks, and after-dinner coffee at the hotel’s famous Late-Night Cafe. The bill totaled up to (amount).

I have attached the bill. Kindly contact me for any further details.

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4. Reimbursement letter for money from the company

This is to inform you that the deadline for your loan repayment to the company will expire in the next 10 days. You are advised to reimburse the borrowed amount within this period.

You received the said loan from the company on 16th November 2018. According to our policies and rules, the returned amount must include our 5% interest. 

Failing to make the reimbursement on time may cause your next salary to be withheld. Therefore, you should clear your dues by the earliest.

Kindly contact the Accounts department for information about the exact amount to be repaid. You may email Mr. John Doe for further details.

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5. for air ticket

I have recently returned from my official trip from Lahore. I seek reimbursement for my air travel expenses.

I have enclosed the air ticket and the travel agent’s invoice. Kindly make the reimbursement with my next month’s salary.

6. for travel Expenses

This is a reimbursement request for my business travel expenses. I have been out of town for a week this month to perform the company’s official audit in Karachi. I have attached the necessary documents, receipts, and bills regarding the expenses incurred during this trip.

Kindly contact me for further details.

7. for medical surgery

I am writing to request reimbursement for the medical expenses incurred for my appendix surgery last month. The total bill includes surgery charges, post-operation consultation fees, and all my medication. The overall expenses are within the limit of my official medical coverage offered by the company.

Enclosed herewith are my medical reports, the hospital bill, and other relevant receipts. Please let me know if I need to provide any further information. 

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8. Reimbursement letter to employee

This is to remind you regarding the reimbursement of the advance payment you took from the company in June in the amount of $10,000. You must make the repayment before the end of this month.

You may apply for the reimbursement to be made in installments. Kindly contact the finance department regarding this matter.

In case of further queries, contact the HR Manager.

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