Cover Letter for Marketing Person

I am pleased to write this cover letter for the position of Marketing Person at (name of the company). I have always admired your company for the way it treats its employees. Therefore, it has always been my desire to work for your company. Hence, when I came to know that your company was looking for a diligent and creative person for the job of Marketing I sure knew this is my time to shine now.

It is no doubt that your company is a big name today, but I believe that the world has become a digital global village now. For any company to survive and prosper there is a dire need that the company follows the recent trends and reaches out to every potential customer in an engaging and innovative way.

Any company which does not have a digital presence, and which is not promoting itself on the digital platform has a very high chance of either not flourishing or collapsing one day totally. There is a need to follow the recent trends and the advancements in technology for giving your company a chance to survive and prosper.

Having a digital presence is also not enough in the majority of cases. A marketing person in this position comes to the rescue. A marketing person not only helps the company in spreading the information about the company and its products to a greater number of individuals but also, I think a marketing person with good skills and a handful of experience can assist the company in increasing its outreach with less budget.

I have had a lifelong dream of becoming a marketing person because I have always been good with people skills. I am very well aware of how to keep the client satisfied. This skill of mine roots back to the days when I used to work as a salesman in (name of the company). I was not only responsible for convincing people to listen to me and buy the product, but I also had the responsibility to turn these buyers into loyal customers of the company.

I am also well-educated for the position because I have done my bachelor’s in (name of the degree) from (name of the university). There is no doubt that (name of the university) is famous for its degree (name of your degree). I am proud to state here that I was the gold medalist of my batch.

I did my master’s from (name of the university) to get further knowledge and information. After I had done my master’s, I thought I still lacked marketing skills. Therefore, I took part in (name of the course or degree) to improve my marketing skills. Both my interest in IT and marketing made me excel in my job as a marketing manager at (name of the company).

I worked at (name of the company) from (date/year) to (date/year). During my job, I was responsible for carrying out several tasks at the same time. This has polished my multitasking skills. My job at (name of the company) not only demanded me to work on traditional advertising platforms but also, I was responsible for handling SEO and the company’s profile on several social media platforms.

I used these platforms to engage new potential customers. I have a firm belief that the efficient and successful marketing of the company at all the relevant platforms is crucial for the company to prosper. I intend to join your company with the same spirit.

In the end, I would like to thank you for considering my application. I am very excited to work at your company. It would be no less than an honor for me if I am selected for the position of Marketing at your company (name of the company). I assure you that I would put my 100% effort into each task assigned.

I look forward to meeting you and your employees and sharing my past experiences. For any further query please contact me on the details mentioned.

Cover letter for Marketing Person Job

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