Cover Letter for the Position of Housekeeper

I am writing this cover letter for the position of Housekeeper at (name of the company). I am pleased to know that your company is offering a position for Housekeeper. I have known your company when it first started. Your company has always been in the news for providing special facilities and treatments for your employees.

I remember I once read an article about the interview of the CEO of the company. The interviewer had asked the CEO why they are giving such facilities to their employees and not following the conventional policies. He replied that the company has this policy of facilitating its employees because for a company to flourish it is very necessary that the employees are happy with the company policy. Only the employees who are satisfied would have this desire to work harder for the benefit of the company. I totally agreed with the words of the CEO and I firmly believe this should be the motto of every company.

Apart from liking your company I am writing this cover letter because I think I have the required skill for getting the job done in the best possible way. I have experience of (number of years) in the field as I have worked as a housekeeper for (name of the company).

During the tenure of my job at (name of the company), I was responsible for several duties. I used to look out for all the offers made by the clients and scheduling of the meetings with the clients. I was in charge of cleaning the house in the best way possible. I have a very keen eye for details. I always strive to complete my work on time. I make sure before leaving the house that no spot is left so that the owners get to see a neat and clean house. I am an extrovert by nature. This has helped me a lot in improving my people skills. I have had clients that were not easy to handle and to be honest nor were their demands. But in such situations, my communication skills helped me in persuading the client for agreeing to find common ground.

I used to work (no of days) in a week on my previous job at (name of the company) as a housekeeper. As I described earlier, I strive for perfection. I made no compromises on my quality of work. I am also very positive about the criticism. I never get offended if someone tells me that he or she is not satisfied with my work.

I always note down my weak points and strive to be better. I also have no issue in cleaning a house again if the customer is not satisfied. This is the reason that my costumers stayed loyal to the company. They called us whenever they needed to clean their house. Moreover, many of my clients asked their relatives and friends to take our services to clean their place. It doesn’t matter to me if the house is a big house or a smaller one. I put all my efforts to make the house tidy again. I also have a profound knowledge of the cleaning tools and equipment used. I am well aware of the modern technology used today for cleaning the house efficiently in less time.

I would like to thank you for your consideration of my application for the position of Housekeeper at (name of the company). It would be an honor for me to work for your company. I would love to share my experiences with you and your other current employees. I look forward to seeing you on the day of the interviews. If you would like to inquire about anything else please feel free to contact me on the details mentioned.

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