Debit Note Letter to Supplier

A debit note is written by a buyer and sent to a seller or supplier. It is drafted when the buyer is not happy with his purchase owing to several reasons. For instance, if his purchase consists of faulty or damaged goods, he may demand for a refund. Therefore, a debit note letter is written in order to make a claim for a refund.

The following details explain how to compose this letter.

State the Purpose of your Letter

As in the case of most other types of official letters, a debit note also begins by stating the main purpose in the opening paragraph. This purpose is stated comprehensively in a straightforward manner. Mention the order number or invoice number as a reference for your purchase or transaction. State that you demand for a refund and provide the relevant details briefly.

Provide the Reason for your Claim

Discuss details about the reason you demand for a reimbursement. A client is entitled to a refund in a number of situations. For instance, if the shipped goods are damaged or malfunctioning, the buyer may demand for his money to be refunded to him. Alternatively, a claim may also be made in case there has been an error in the total bill leading to overcharging the client. The reason should be stated with possible proofs. Copies of the original order slip and invoice might need to be attached with the debit note.

Mention all Relevant Figures

State the exact claimed amount. In addition to the price of the purchased goods and shipping cost, do mention the sales tax as well. Moreover, the shipment cost should also be included in case you have returned the goods and paid extra for the return shipment. 

Emphasize your Right for the Refund

Every supplier or seller has different refund policies. Your claim might be rejected depending upon these policies. For instance, the supplier might not take responsibility for any broken goods as the damaged might have been incurred during the shipment process by the courier company. Keeping such loopholes in mind, make your claim stronger by emphasizing your right for the refund. In serious cases, you may warn the supplier about taking a legal action by turning to the consumer court. In other cases, you may use a more friendly tone by stating that you would like to do more business in future if you receive good service regarding your claim.

Provide an Appropriate Closing

A debit note letter requires an appropriate closing. This closing depends on the seriousness of your situation. In most cases, it is recommended to wind up with a positive and friendly note since it shows professionalism.

Sample Letter

With reference to order number 12345, ABC company is issuing this debit note in order to make a claim for some damaged items received from you. The shipment sent by you on 20th March contained 50 broken goods. A detailed report about the damage has been enclosed with this letter.

The broken items have been shipped back to you through XYZ couriers. The expected delivery will take place in 3 to 4 business days.

ABC demands a refund for the damaged goods. The claimed amount equals to $5,400/- for the 50 returned items along with $16.5/- as sales tax per piece. In addition, the return shipment costs $530/-. This adds up to a total of $6,755.00/-. Kindly reimburse the claimed amount. We expect the refund to be made within 14 working days as per your compensation policy. Since the company has been doing business with you for a considerable period of time, it is hoped that you give the matter due consideration and speed up the refund process.

ABC has always put its faith in you as a trustworthy vendor. Although we have always been satisfied with your products, it is quite unfortunate that your last shipment has not been up to the mark. ABC hopes that you take notice of the incidence and take measures to ensure it does not happen in future.

Debit Note Letter to Supplier

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