Cover Letter for an Actor

Letter -1

I am happy to write this cover letter because I have always dreamed of becoming an actor. After reading the advertisement in the (name of the newspaper) I was pleased to know that you are looking for some actors for a part in your film. I would love to be a part of your new film. It has been quite a while now that I have been pursuing my dream of becoming a full-time actor. Hence, to be considered for a part in your film (name of the film) would be like a dream come true for me.

I have developed a passion for acting from an early age. I remember I started taking part in different skits and dramas in my elementary school. It would not be wrong to say that I have started acting from the day I started walking. Fortunately, I was also offered a role in a drama named as (name of the drama) when I was in the middle school. It was a very popular drama that aired on (name of the channel). My passion for acting has grown with my age so when I got into high school, I started looking for any advertisement that would say “an actor required”.

 After a search of one and a half year, I finally came across such an advertisement. I did the role of the actor’s brother in that film. I was very much praised for my acting as a supporting character. It was after I attended school at (name of the university) I decided to do majors in theater arts. This was the time where I put my abilities and acting skills to test.

Moreover, in addition to performing yearly plays in my school I also participated in local performances in the theatre of my city. Speaking of the parts I gained over these years I am proud to tell that I was offered part in 3 major productions. These productions included Othello, the Star Wars reborn and the twilight saga recreated.

I would like to thank you for considering my application for the post of actor in your film (name of the film). I am hopeful that you would consider me for the part in your film after looking at the previous roles I have performed in different productions.


Name of the applicant

Cover Letter for an Actor

Letter -2

Name of the applicant
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To Whom it may concern,

As soon as I read the advertisement for the post of an actor in the newspaper (name of the newspaper) I knew I had to apply for this post. I have loved acting since childhood, and I have been thinking lately about choosing acting as a full-time job.

The name of your film (name of the film) appears to be interesting and I am guessing the story of the film would also be up to the mark. Hence, despite you are starting your career as a director from this film, I would like to present myself for the role of (type of the role) in your film. The role itself seems to be appealing and I due to my skills and abilities have complete confidence that I would be a perfect fit for this role.

As I have stated earlier I have a passion for acting since a very young age. It would not be wrong if I say that I started acting as soon as I started walking. I have participated in many skits and dramas in my elementary school. I was also awarded the best actor award numerous times because of my acting abilities at that age.

As soon as I entered High school, I started looking for more opportunities so that I can polish my skills. I got selected for different roles in theatre and once I also got selected for a short part in a famous drama that aired on (name of the channel) from (date or year) to (date or year).

Moreover, I also took part in several local performances and thus, I have an experience of working with people with different personalities. After I entered (name of the institution) I did my majors in Theatre arts. This was the time when I had to put my skills and passion to test.

I would take pride in mentioning the roles I was offered after I completed my majors. I got invited to be a part of (name of the drama), (name of the drama) and (name of the drama). I was fortunate enough starred in all these productions as these have helped me in polishing my acting skills a lot. However, (name of the drama or role) I would say gave me a tough time and I had to work hard to be the best. After the drama aired my hard work paid me off as I got nominated for a national award.

At last I would like to thank you for considering my application. Hoping for a positive response.


Name of the applicant.

Cover Letter for an Actor

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