Disciplinary Action Letters for Irresponsible & Deceptive Behavior

It is being stated this letter aims to point out the disciplinary issues and lack of responsibility you have been showing in the office recently. The management has decided to take disciplinary action for the sort of irresponsible behavior you have been exhibiting.

You were hired as a personal assistant to the chief executive officer of LG office Wales, Mr. Justin Adams. There were other skilled candidates who had applied and been interviewed for the post. However, amongst all those skilled and able candidates you got the chance to ace the post due to your apparent enthusiasm and interest in the job. The company expected you to fulfill all the required duties that are part of an assistant’s job.

In the first 6 months of your service in the office, the track record of your performance went top-notch. However, for the last three months, Mr. Adams has been noticing problems with your attitude toward your duties. Somehow you do not seem to be mentally present and fully attentive during working hours which has served to be the root cause of the blunders made.

Firstly, the most important delegation was to be received via a meeting with American clients that you skipped. Then after the meeting was finally fixed, you did not care to inform about it to Mr. Adams and he had planned a day off which would not have been done if he was communicated the exact date of the meeting.

Now he has to cancel his personal and planned commitments. This simply caused him inconvenience and could have proved to be devastating for the delegation and the consignment. Many times you are also seen reaching half an hour late than Mr. Adams himself in the office which is simply intolerable for the company.

Therefore, the management has decided to take disciplinary action against you by keeping you on a probation period of a week. Meanwhile, if you are found with the same or any other disciplinary issues, I’m afraid that you will not be given another chance and would be fired from the post.

I hope that you take this warning seriously and act upon all the instructions provided to you, causing benefit to the company’s CEO. Good luck!

Yours sincerely,

Henry Dickens
Top Management Coordinator, LG UK.

Disciplinary action letter for irresponsible behavior

(Sample -2)


Mr. Richard Matheson
Personal Assistant Finance Manager
Stephen’s Cash & Cary
Scotland, UK

Dear Ms. Matheson,

It is stated that you have received this letter to inform you about the disciplinary action taken against you for not following instructions and exhibiting deceptive behavior in the past four months.

You have been hired approximately a year ago as a personal assistant to the Finance Manager of Stephen’s Cash & Carry in Scotland’s branch. Out of the 30 skilled and sharp candidates who got interviewed and considered for the job, you managed to get the position. The decision was made considering the spark and honesty in your conduct. The initial half year went perfectly well and you did your duties exactly as you were directed and expected to do.

However, it was noted that there was some chicanery going on in the finance department when I, being the co-owner of the mart, tried to tally the balance sheets.

Mr. Darwin who is the finance manager of whom you are the assistant is my project collaborator. He has a responsibility to share all the balance sheets side by side, which I recheck for the sake of clarity of financial matters. One can see the profits to be more than being shown in the balance sheets for the current half month. Clearly, you have been messing up with the documents which is a most inconsiderate and deceptive act to be spared.

This would make it almost impossible for the mart owners (including myself) to recover the investments and gain profits. By going against the basic instruction i.e. being honest, you have not only deceived your bosses but have also set a wrong example for your colleagues and juniors working in the mart.

Hence, the owners and the recruitment department have decided to take disciplinary action against you by giving you the sack. Stephen’s Cash & Carry no longer needs your services from now on, clearing all your remaining balance and pending payments for the going month.

We could have simply involved the police in this matter but the owners do not want the mart to be dragged into any legal complexities. We hope that you do not repeat the same ignorant behavior in your next job. Good luck!


Sharon Kingfisher

Co-owner Stephen’s Cash & Carry

Disciplinary action letter for deceptive behavior

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