Easter Weekend Closure Messages


Everyone either young or old waits for holidays eagerly. Holidays bring excitement to people’s faces and everyone wants to spend this time with loved ones. You are also waiting for the Easter holidays. But the wait is going to end because ABC Company cares for its employees.

Keeping in view the well-being of you the company has decided to give you ten-day holidays as grace holiday period. There will be no activity in the company’s surroundings. The company is announcing these holidays due to Easter. Your holidays will start from Friday to next Sunday. As you know that Coronavirus’s third wave has been started so all of you must take care of yourself. Make yummy and delicious food for your family and enjoy at your best. Best wishes to all of you.


Hello all. Hope you will be doing well. This message is to notify you all about the upcoming Easter Holidays. Not only you but I was waiting for the holiday announcement. And finally, these are around the corner. Please note that the company will remain closed for five days on account of Easter.

There will be no office activity these days. So, cherish this time and spend quality time with your loved ones. All your queries will be answered now after you come from the holidays. Till then have a good time. Moreover, you all will get your salary in advance with a 20% bonus. Stay blessed.


Please note that on account of Easter the company shall remain closed for five days. The holidays will start from 28th March and will end on 2nd April. The company will remain closed, and no one will have an assignment during the holidays. All your questions will be answered after the holidays. Create the best moments of your life from these holidays and enjoy with your family and friends. Please also note that COVID-19 is still prevailing, and you must take care of yourselves. Take all the precautionary measures and save yourself and your family. Will see you after the vacation now. Happy Easter holidays. Thank you.

Easter Weekend Closure Messages


I hope that you will get this message in the best of your health. The company cares for its employees and greets them. It is notified to all of you that due to Easter holidays the company will be closed. It is also informed that all the projects and presentations that were designed for this week will be canceled. Your holidays will start from 25th March and will end on 31st March. In case of further delay, you will be notified through email. All kinds of activities will be stopped in this period. I hope that you will enjoy this time with your family and friends. Stay blessed.


Hello all. I hope you all are doing well. I am sure this message is going to surprise you and will double the amount of your happiness. We all wait for holidays the whole year. This time provides some relaxation and gives one’s opportunity to spend it with people that are closed to heart. The company has announced seven days’ holidays for its employees because of Easter. All the activities will be resumed after the holidays. Make delicious food and sweets for your friends and family. We all care for your safety. Happy Easter holidays.

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