Leave Permission Text Message to Boss


To ask for two days’ leave is seeming difficult to me as the project ongoing cannot be completed in my absence. Despite this, I want to leave immediately. The reason for this is that my father has been ill seriously right now there is no one present in the house to take care of him.

My elder brother is out of the city for some personal reasons, and he left the father in my care. I assure you that after I come to the office, I will work extra hours to compensate for the work loss. I hope that you will understand my situation well.

Moreover, I am sorry for all the inconvenience in my absence. I will be highly obliged to you for taking into consideration my request. Thanks in advance. Stay blessed.

Leave Permission Text Message to Boss


I am writing this message to let you know that I will not be able to come to the office today. I am feeling very down and unhealthy. Due to this, it would be difficult for me to perform my tasks. Therefore, I request you to grant me one day’s leave so may I take proper care of myself. I will join you tomorrow. Thank you.


I am writing this message to get you notified about my three days leave. I have got food poisoning after yesterday night’s party and my stomach is badly disturbed. It also made me unable to sleep properly. I remained in the hospital the whole night and after getting the proper treatment they discharged me. The doctor has advised me to take rest for three days until I recover good health. I hope that you will accept this message and will allow me to leave for the above-mentioned period. Thanks in advance.


I am very sorry to inform you lately, but the situation became so critical that I forgot to tell you about leaving. On weekend I with my family was going to [X] that suddenly my car got hit with another car in the middle of the road. It all happened so suddenly that for a moment I lost my consciousness. My youngest daughter and mother seriously got injured and my wife got some minor injuries. Two people in the other car were also injured and there was an emergency. We all rushed to a nearby hospital and after getting the initial treatment they discharged us.

My mind is still stuck in that incident and I am not coming out of it. As I come back to normal, I will come back to the office. Till then I do not want to burden my mind with office work. I hope you will understand me well. Therefore, I request you to please allow me to leave for four days. Please remember my family in your prayers. Thank you.


I apologize in advance for the abrupt off day. I was getting ready to come to the office but unfortunately, I slipped and fell off from the last five steps of stairs. Because of this I got some minor injuries and cannot walk properly. Moreover, the weather is making it more difficult to bear the pain. I have been given medication by the doctor and he has advised taking rest for at least one day. I precede that you accept my off request for today. This will be a great favor for me. Bundle of thanks to you in advance.


Hope you will be fine sir. This message is to notify you that I want two days’ leave due to some emergency in the family. I cannot tell you the exact reason as it is personal, but the situation is critical. Therefore, I will not be able to be present for two days. I will never forget this act of courtesy if you grant me permission to leave. Thank you. 

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