Explanation Letter for Being Late


Re. An explanation for Being Late on [DATE]

Dear Sir, I have been informed that you have peeved away by the fact that I have been late to the office for two consecutive days. So, I want to take this opportunity to explain the reason behind being late on [DATE] specifically as the same reason applied to the other day.

Moreover, I want to put here the dedication and devotion for work I have always shown and the intolerance of my late coming to the office by my supervisor and head of the department. The intolerance and unethical remarks have bereaved me and disappointed me to the extent that I was on the verge of resigning from my job.

Talking specifically about my late coming to the office, I want you to look at the attached medical certificate of my mother. The certificate demonstrates the disease my mother is suffering from. My mother has been suffering from Decompensated Liver Disorder (DCLD) and her liver is not functioning properly. Due to old age, she is unable to tolerate and survive a liver transplant.

Therefore, doctors have not expressed any positive or satisfactory remarks on her current health situation. It is to inform you that my mother was in a pathetic health situation for these two days, and she could not manage for herself. Moreover, her nurse was on leave for two days. During these two days, I was doing many things for her in the morning before leaving for work. Therefore, I was late for the mentioned days.

Problems are part of our life and so are our routines. It is never easy to maintain an idealistic schedule when you have an ill mother at home. Moreover, her deteriorating health has kept me under severe stress.

I shall be grateful if you kindly consider my explanation ample and refer to the supervisor and head of the department of the [NAME THE DEPARTMENT] to check into the employees’ problems first and mind their remarks in case of emergencies. Thank you.


Explanation Letter for Being Late


Re. Explanation Letter for Being Late on [DATE]

Dear Sir,

First, I am thankful to you for providing me with this opportunity to explain the reason for my late coming to the office on [DATE]. On [DATE], we had a visit from [NAME THE ORGANIZATION] and a meeting was scheduled with their heads. I understand why my late coming to the office has so much gravity.

The office authorities have always been kind enough to provide us with flexibility in our schedules whenever needed and I am already greatly grateful to the office management for this.

However, I could not escape being late to the office on [DATE]. I usually leave for the office at [XX: XX] and get on board the metro train on [XX: XX]. I left home at the same time but, somehow, missed the train. I had to wait for thirty minutes for the next train.

Therefore, I got late to the office and could not attend the meeting. The matter was aggravated by the slowness of the train which was caused by a technical fault in the line. The wrong time swept me over and I could not get to the office on time despite doing my best.

Life is so unpredictable, and we become victims of seconds in the time log. I have made up my mind to leave earlier for the office in the future whenever we have meetings or other important projects so that such circumstances could be avoided. Thank you. 


Explanation Letter for Being Late

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