Explanation Letter for being Late due to Sickness


Re. An explanation for Being Late

Dear [NAME], I apologize for being late for today’s meeting with [NAME THE COMPANY] due to sudden nausea in the morning. I understand the significance of the meeting as most of the projects were to be under proposal for this meeting including [NAME THE PROJECTS].

Being [NAME THE POSITION], I should have arrived earlier for the arrangements of the meeting and welcome Mr. [NAME] and his team personally into the office. I would be regretful for any potential harm my late coming would bring.

I recognize the importance of this meeting, therefore, I plan to write to [NAME THE CLIENT], with your kind permission, to arrange another meeting in the near future where more could be discussed.

Today I had my breakfast at [TIME] which causes sudden gastritis and a sensation of nausea in my stomach. It outpoured two vomits consecutively which ultimately made me weak. Therefore, I stayed at home for an hour to restore my energy.

Moreover, I felt the need to rest for some time otherwise it would not have been possible to get to the office. Unfortunately, a sudden decline in health made me forget the time for the meeting and I kept recognizing the time of the meeting at [XX: XX] instead of [XX: XX].

I have taken the account of the meeting from [NAME] and have gone through all the points discussed. Please, let me know how I can make up for the gap caused due to my absence from the meeting.

I am also available to visit the [NAME THE CLIENTS] if you allow. I shall be grateful if you apologize to me for the unavoidable delay to the office. Thank you.


Explanation Letter for being Late due to Sickness


Re. Explanation Letter for Being Late on [DATE]

Dear Sir,

This letter has been penned down to explain the cause of my half absence from office on [DATE]. On the said day, I got severe migraine pain and had to rush for the medication and an intravascular injection to kill the pain. I was ready to leave for the office but had to settle my migraine first which was intense in the morning.

I was sick enough to get an off from the office but the arrival of delegates from [COUNTRY] for the business meeting and proposal submission of the project no. [X] about the [PROJECT]. These two important business engagements made me compelled to attend the office.

Unfortunately, the impulsive pain in my head caused all the waits and ruined many meeting plans. A lot of things did not go the way we had anticipated and have the potential to harm the repute of our organization. I completely understand that my meeting with the delegates was immensely important, but I got late and could not meet the delegates.

To compensate, I have already written an email to the delegation team and expressed my desire to visit them in the near future so that reminiscences of the meeting can be discussed, and other important issues could be brought to the conclusion.

Sir, I regret my late coming to the office, but circumstances made the delay inescapable. I shall be grateful to you if you please respond to my letter. Thank you.


Explanation Letter for being Late due to Sickness

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