Female Staff Recruitment Proposal Letter

Re. Recruitment of Female Staff (Proposal)

Dear Recruitment Management Team, I am [Name] from the Department of Human Resources. The letter has been penned to propose recruiting female staff for various vacant positions in different departments of the Company. To fulfill the vacant positions before the deadline ordained by the board of directors, it is essential to advertise the vacant position before [date]. 

However, the proposal of recruitment of female staff for the vacant position is conditioned to fill the gender gap in the Company. According to a recent report by Human Resources, it is observed that the Company has a workplace gender gap as the number of male workers is more than female workers. It causes a workplace imbalance in terms of gender rationality which ultimately causes a disruptive work culture. 

Or Company has always been working hard to provide equal opportunities to all gender entities without any discrimination. We believe in providing equal opportunities to all without considering gender a bar. It has been the motto of our Company to bring in more female workers to create a work environment conducive to minimizing the gender gap in the workplace. 

I have attached a list of positions required. The requisition for the fulfillment of vacant positions has been forwarded to the marketing committee to advertise the vacant positions. 

I will be grateful if you respond to the letter and approve the recruitment of female staff. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


[Company name]

(Sample -2)

Re. Proposal for the Recruitment of Thirty-Five Data Entry Operators (Females Only)

Dear Manager, 

I am thankful to you for providing us an opportunity to showcase the best of our services to you. I am pleased to partner with you and provide hiring services to your Company. Your Company has consistently earned a great name whenever it comes to hiring on merit and keeps meritocracy a firmly held belief. 

We received your request for a proposal letter (ROPL) for the recruitment of thirty-five data entry operators, females only. The recruitment deadline is [date] and the closing date of the recruitment procedure is [date].

We have a strong team of recruiters and advertisers who can work together in the process of recruitment. We have been outsourcing talent and recruitment services for fifteen years. Providing recruitment services to [mention the Name of the Company] is one of our Company’s credits.  

However, the pricing of the recruitment is negotiable. The standard rate that applies to this proposal is $[$]. However, tax is not included in the charges. Owing to the tumultuous situation, we are looking forward to a change in the taxation charges. Therefore, we shall apply the tax after confirmation of the taxation from the Board of Revenue and Taxation. If the taxation remains the same, the project’s total cost will be 30% more than those mentioned above. 

Details of the project have been mentioned in the full-length proposal and reference attached. Please look at the full-length proposal for recruiting thirty-five females to fulfill vacant positions of data entry operators. 

In case of any questions, please send us your queries at [email] or call our project manager at [phone number]. Thank you. 


[Name Name]

Female staff recruitment proposal letter

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