Final Warning Letter for Lateness


This warning letter is being sent to you because you have failed to perform your functions as required by our company. It was reported to me yesterday by your manager that you are not submitting the assigned work on time and in this way, you are continuously failing to meet the deadline which is an alarming situation. The most problematic thing which he reported to me was that you have arrived over half an hour late at the workplace on six different occasions within a period of the last three weeks.

Mr. [X] your arrival on time at the workplace carries great importance for the company and for yourself as well. Since you are a customer service representative, it means that we have hired for our customers and you are solely meant for them. For this reason, your lateness is unacceptable at the workplace and you are required to provide optimum services to our customers, and it will only be possible when you arrive on time.

Your late arrival creates panic for us because we are then forced to ask any other employee or your coworker to cover your absence until you reach. This is not a good practice and creates trouble for your coworker. It is also obvious that an element of disrespect may arise in your colleague for you.

Earlier, I was thinking that a verbal warning and counseling session is enough to put you back on track, but you have not changed your behavior. We conducted a counseling session in order to make you understand your job role in a better way. Despite this, you were failed to change your attitude of lateness, and then you were given verbal warnings and two written warning letters afterward. Now you have crossed the limits. So, consider this document as a final warning letter.

You are being warned that if you continue with your late attendance, it may result in strict disciplinary action which may be in the form of termination of your job. Waiting for a positive change in your behavior.

Yours sincerely,

Final Warning Letter for Lateness


Subject: Final warning for lateness

Dear McKenzie,

I am writing you this letter in response to your manager’s complaints against you. He has brought this thing to my notice that you are in habit of coming late to the office. It has been observed by the timekeeper that you came late to the office on six different occasions over a short period of two weeks. Your situation is alarming. In addition, your manager further reported that you do not submit the assigned work on time. This unprofessional attitude of yours has resulted in missing deadlines of many important projects and the company had to bear great losses owing to your unprofessionalism in terms of late submission of project reports. 

The above-mentioned allegations are more than enough to prove you as an unprofessional employee. Moreover, your behavior comes under the umbrella of misconduct which is not acceptable in a worthy organization like ours.

We have developed in our organization, a mechanism to facilitate our employees. They are required to inform their respective boss in case of getting late. But as far as you are concerned, you continuously got late without prior intimation which was troublesome, and the manager had to arrange an alternative until you reached your workplace.

Mr. [X], this is not the first time when you are being issued this warning letter. Because of getting late, you were issued warning letters on three different occasions, but you were failed to change your attitude towards your duty. Now the things have gone beyond limits and I am thinking seriously over your matter. Now, you are required to take this document as a final warning letter for your lateness and unprofessional attitude at the workplace. You will be kept under strict observation for a period of one month.

If you do not change your behavior even then, you will be suspended or terminated, depending upon the situation. I hope you will take this final warning as seriously and bring a positive change in your behavior.

Yours sincerely,

Final Warning Letter for Lateness

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