Food Poisoning Messages to Boss


Dear sir, I regret to state that I could not make it to the office today owing to my poor health condition. I am suffering from severe food poisoning which is causing me a lot of throwing up and I feel nauseated all the time. I tried getting myself together to come to work in the morning, but the sharp stomachache did not allow me. Please accept my apology and allow me a leave for today. I will be obliged for this favor of yours. Thank you!


Dear John, as you may have noticed an unexpected absence from work, I would like to offer an explanation for it. On the weekend, I had a few friends over and we ordered food from a new place which could not go well with my stomach. I had sharp cramps throughout the whole Sunday morning and night. Despite taking many medications, I am still not able to get up from the bed and join the office, but I promise I will make it up and cover all the due assignments tomorrow. Kindly grant me a leave for today. I shall be back regularly from tomorrow.


Respected boss, I reckon an unwarned leave from my end today may have disrupted the whole work routine of the office and I am guilty of that. When I woke up to get ready for work today in the early morning, my stomach was bloated and started growling. At first, I did not pay any heed to it taking it the usual morning tantrums my stomach often throws at me but within a short period of 10-minutes, I became sick and my belly started churning up. Since then, I have been throwing up every 10-minutes. Therefore, I could not even have the energy to notify the office of my leave. I apologize for the late informing you and request you to give me leave for today. Thank you!


Respected Ma’am, I have been feeling sick in my stomach for two days, but I did not pay much attention to it since it was not acute. But last night, my condition got worse and I had to go to the emergency in my local hospital. The doctor diagnosed me with food poisoning and recommended a complete rest of one day with some medication. Because of this, I am afraid I will not be able to make it to the office today. It would be a great act of kindness from you if you could allow me a complete one day leave today. I will appreciate it very much. Thank you!


Dear Ma’am, I was on a weekend vacation for the last two days with my family. We were having a blast but somehow the food poisoned me, and I had an allergic reaction immediately. I had to see a doctor immediately and he diagnosed me with the ailment called food poisoning. We had to rush back to our home rescheduling our plan. Even today, I could not move out of my bed. The only place I can go right now is the restroom to throw up. I would appreciate it if you allow me a leave for today. Thank you!

Food Poisoning Messages to Boss

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