Green Card Employment Verification Letter

Re. Letter for Green Card Employment Verification

I am NAME OF THE AUTHORIZED PERSON WRITING] from the [NAME OF THE COMPANY WITH CITY, STATE, AND COUNTRY]. I am head of the department for the construction and development project across many cities within the states. I am working in this firm since 2009 and I have been observing Mr./Ms. [NAME] for three years working in our department.

Working in the construction and development department is not a very easy job as an Assistant Researcher. [NAME] is working here as an Assistant Researcher for three years dedicatedly and very industriously.

We are looking forward to promoting him and upgrading his job scale after looking at his impressive profile and dedication to the work. Construction and Development research takes a lot of nerves as you have to, sometimes, remain to stick to your screen for hours and, sometimes, you have to visit site areas to objectify your research with clue areas and data analysis.

We are looking forward to keeping [NAME] here for the long run and want him to get his green card for a US residence. He will not be able to keep working on visa extension as the processes of visa extension are challenging and time-consuming. We recommend him for a green card to extend his period of working here. We believe, he will prove to be an asset to our country.

All the supporting documents attached are attested by the authorized. Feel free to send any queries at [EMAIL]. Thank you.


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Re. Employment Verification Letter (EVL) for Green Card

Dear Sir/Madam,

This document serves as an employment verification letter for the application for a green card for permanent residence in the US.

I am [NAME] and writing to confirm that [NAME OF THE APPLICANT] is a permanent team member of our company. He is a great employee and possesses great qualities. He loves his work and never disappoints his supervisors. He is one of the most favorite employees on the basis of his dedication and honesty at work.

Looking at his potential of becoming a big asset for this company and the state one day, we have given him a permanent grade for the job. Now he is the Assistant Project Manager of the company and will continue working here for more years.

To avoid any trouble and excessive investigations, we want him to get a green card which will allow him to stay in the US for a lifetime (Category B-1). [NAME] is a trustworthy and dedicated employee, and we don’t want to lose him. Documents pertaining to the employment of the applicant in [COMPANY] are attached and duly signed by the authorized person. Supporting documents have been attached to avoid any future inconvenience.

This letter verifies and confirms his employment status at the company only. Any other inquiries and outbound activities must be investigated according to the bar. The company is responsible for internal verification of the employment status only. Thank you.

Send an email to [EMAIL] if you have any questions.


Green Card Employment Verification Letter

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