Instruction Letters

An instruction letter provides directions for a task to be carried out. Permission, authorization or an official order may be given by an individual or organization through this formal piece of document.

1. Instruction letter to bank

I am writing with reference to my account number #3457-098 in ABC bank. I wish to close my checking account since I am moving abroad. I would like all related formalities to be fulfilled and dues to be cleared by the end of this month.

Pleased find attached the necessary documents including my NIC and bank application form. Let me know if any other important requirement needs to be fulfilled.

Thank you for your services. I appreciate your cooperation.

2. Instruction letter to lawyer

I am writing to provide you instructions on behalf of XYZ corporation for attending the court hearing on 12th August with reference to the ABC case. You will be the legal representative of the company throughout the case.

As discussed in our meeting, the organization expects you to defend our case and clear our reputation against allegations of human rights violation. Please be instructed that the company would only agree to reach a settlement if all the charges against us will be cleared.

All the necessary documents have been enclosed. Kindly contact us in case of further queries and discussion.

3. Instruction letter to the solicitor

This is a formal confirmation that I would like you to act on my behalf for the sale of my property in London. Kindly overlook all legal formalities while I seal the deal with Mr. XYZ.

I have accepted an offer amounting to £150,000/- for my apartment at (address). I wish you to accompany me during my meeting with the buyer on Monday, 25th September at 10 am. You shall represent me for the legal transfer of the apartment to Mr. XYZ.

Kindly let me know about your availability for the date mentioned above. In case you have any commitments, I would reschedule the meeting.

I look forward to your reply.

4. Instruction letter to transfer funds

I am writing to request for a funds transfer to be made from my account number #4564-098 to account number #xxx-xxx, account title XYZ. The amount to be transferred is $100,000/-. Kindly make the transfer by tomorrow. 

I have enclosed copies of ID cards for both the parties for your verification process. I have also attached the signed request form for funds transfer. Please call me in case of any queries.

Thank you for your service.

5. Instruction letter to a contractor

I am writing this letter on behalf of XYZ Corporation to instruct you about our construction project. The company has transferred your advance fees to your company account. The required permits have also been procured. You should, therefore, begin working on the construction site from Monday, 12th August. 

You are reminded to abide by the terms of our contract. We reserve the right to blacklist your company in case of any violation of our agreement. 

The job must be completed within the given deadline. Kindly submit regular reports about the progress of the project.

You may contact our Assistant Project Manager in case of any issues.

6. Instruction letter to employee

This letter is to instruct you about our new Fall project. As a member of the team responsible for carrying out this project, you are expected to perform your best. This is a very important assignment for the company.

You will be working under the supervision of Mr. XYZ. Since he is the head of your team, you must do as instructed by him and work with subservience to him. Report all progress to him and turn to him in case of any issues or if you wish to discuss a new strategy. At the end of the project, the management will seek him for a report about the performance of each team member throughout the assignment.

Good luck with the project. The management expects you to be a valuable member of the team.

7. Instruction letter to a medical expert

I am authorizing Dr. XYZ to provide the necessary medical treatment to my grandmother who is an inpatient at ABC hospital. In case I cannot be reached, the doctor has my permission to go ahead with the required medical procedures. However, it is to be ensured that no sedatives are administered to my grandmother. Her body reacts negatively to these drugs.

You will find enclosed a list of her allergies. Kindly refer to the list before administering any medicines or injections.

I believe I am leaving my grandmother in good hands. Please contact me at (phone number) in case of any issue.

8. Instruction letter to bank for payment

I would like to transfer an amount of $12345/- from my account number #465-09. The transfer is to be made to XYZ Bank for the payment of my utility bills. You are requested to make the transaction before the 30th of August which is the last date for the due payment.

9. Instruction letter to close bank account

I would like to close my savings account. My account number is 123456 and account title is XYZ.

I have enclosed the required documents and forms with the letter. Kindly proceed with the formalities and close my account within this week. I would like to withdraw the saved amount and transfer it to my wife’s account in ABC bank.

Kindly let me know when all the formalities have been completed. 

Thank you.

Instruction letter to close bank account

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