Kick-Off Meeting Invitation Email Samples

All the team members.
Subject: Kick-off meeting invitation on [X]

Dear team, I am thrilled to inform you that our project ‘Development of energy-efficient lights’ has been granted approval and is scheduled to start off on 30th Sept 20XX. We have arranged a kick-off meeting on 28th September and would like to invite you to please join us for a briefing on the project. As discussed in the previous email, we would like to have the entire team together for this meeting which will be a chance for us to get to know each other and connect with all the teammates.

The meeting will be held online and the zoom link to participate in the meeting is attached therein. The agenda will be as follows

  1. Introduction of all the team members and shareholders.
  2. An outline of the project and the expected timeline. Discussion of logistics, management, and budgeting of the project will also follow.
  3. Responsibilities of the team members and roles of each member. We will discuss what we expect from the teammates.
  4. Question and answer sessions at the end of the meeting for any queries that the members have regarding this project.

All the members are requested to please attend this meeting. We look forward to seeing you all on 28th September at 10 am sharp. Thank you for your time.


CEO Hybrid technologies.
Alex Richards

Kick-Off Meeting Invitation Email



Team member of the One Health project

Dear members,

Good day. I am writing this email to inform you that we have acquired funding for our project ‘One Health’ which had been pending for several months. We have decided to start working on this project with effect from 31st September 20XX. As you all have volunteered to be a part of this project, we have arranged a meeting on 27th September for all the members to give an outline of this project. The members will be joining at our head office located in Central London, 92810 at 11 am sharp pm 27th September.

All members are requested to ensure their participation as this will be a chance for them to understand the project in detail before it commences.

The outline of the project will be discussed in the meeting followed by roles given to each member. You will be provided with minutes of the meeting afterward for any follow-up that is required. The expected date to finish this project will be by the end of October 20XX.

Please print out the invitation card that is attached to this email and bring it to the venue on the meeting day. We expect you all to participate in this event. If due to some reason you won’t be able to attend the meeting, please let us know. We can also make arrangements for an online meeting if the time and venue are not suitable for the participants. Please let us know your availability by tomorrow.

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Senior project management.
Alexander Shawn.

Kick-Off Meeting Invitation Email

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