Letter about Reimbursement of Transport Charges from Office

My name is Johnson, and I am working as a marketing manager in your company since 2015. I am submitting my formal request for reimbursement of transportation charges. I have also attached the transportation charges reimbursement form, duly signed by the finance director.

In the [X] department my job demands extensive travelling throughout the month. For this purpose, the company sends me to its various offices which are located across the country. Moreover, I have to check the progress of our field officers and it requires extensive travelling. I had to do a lot of travelling during last month to look after the marketing business of the company across the country. The company usually suggests travel by public transport to reach nearby areas. But, in remote areas, public transport is not available. To reach such areas, we can use our own transport as suggested by the company.

Since the company has opened its new offices as well, I had to use my own vehicle to reach those remote offices. Charges incurred in lieu of transportation were solely borne by me. I paid toll taxes and fuel charges from my pocket and now I demand reimbursement of transportation charges.

According to the policy of company, if an officer claims any kind of charge, these will be included in the subsequent month’s salary after following prescribed official procedures.

According to the terms and conditions of my contract, I am eligible for reimbursement of transportation charges. Therefore, it is my humble request that these charges may kindly be included in my next month’s salary.

I am enclosing certified copies of all the invoices and cheques with this letter. Other required documents have also been attached after duly signed by the finance officer. I hope you will consider my request and give me a chance to say thank you.


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Subject: Reimbursement of transport charges

Dear Manager,

I hope you will be fine. My name is Johnson, and I am working as a procurement manager in your company. I hereby submit my request to reimburse transportation charges. These charges were spent last month while I was travelling on behalf of the company.

As a procurement manager, this is my duty to keep myself abreast of information about used, new and deficient stock in the warehouse. Sometimes I must travel across the country to collect our desired material from different companies. It was during the last month when we received an order for a bulk supply of construction material to [X] company.

I directed the warehouse supervisor to gather the material as soon as possible. After examining the material for its sufficiency, he informed me that it would not be possible for us to supply them with their desired quantity of material because there is insufficient material in the stock, and we need to buy it immediately.

To maintain our worth in the market, I travelled to various cities to collect the material from different stores. I bore all the expanses of travelling cost, supply, and transportation of material.

According to the travelling policy of the company, if an officer travels on behalf of the company or for the sake of official matters, charges incurred on such travelling will be paid by the company.

Since you were abroad with your family during those days, I thought it inappropriate to demand travelling and transportation charges. Meanwhile, I was travelling and collecting the material on behalf of the company, I, therefore, request you to include the transportation charges in my next month’s salary.

Certified copies of all the invoices and bills are also being sent to you with this letter. You can verify these bills at your convenience. Moreover, the transportation charges form needs to be signed by you.

Please acknowledge my request and issue the necessary directions to the accounts department so that I would get transportation charges without any delay. Thank you.

Letter about Reimbursement of Transport Charges from Office

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