Letter to Municipality for Higher Water Bill

Today I have been compelled to write you this complaint letter because I am facing a serious issue of a higher water bill by the municipal committee. I am a resident of ABC Street, care Colony, Michigan and I have been living in this area since 2020. I am bearing consumer number [number] for the water connection which was installed by municipal workers on [date]. My bill payment record has always been satisfactory, and I have never missed even a single bill.

Yesterday, I became worried after receiving my bill. I was surprised that I have been charged an amount of [US$] for the month of October. Since last year, I was being charged [US$] for monthly water usage but the current amount is thrice as compared to previous bills. I want to say that we are unable to pay this much amount because we all are students, working at different stores to pay our semester fees.

I am living in a shared apartment with my university class fellows. We spend almost all day in the university library and come back to the apartment in the evening for sleeping. I also checked washrooms and pipes for leakage, but I did not find any. I also checked the water usage prices on the website, but the rates are the same as were. According to an estimate, our daily water consumption is 4 to 5 liters. With this little usage of water, one cannot expect this much amount in lieu of a monthly water bill.

Moreover, we are living in an area with serious water scarcity issues. Water is available only for 2 to 3 hours a day. I believe there might be some error in the bill and the billing department has sent us the wrong bill instead of our bill.

I request you investigate this matter and advise your billing department to send us the correct bills. I hope you will give due consideration to my request and solve this issue as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely.

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Subject: Complaint about the higher water bill

Dear Sir,

My name is Stewart, and I am living with my wife and son in a rental apartment in Stars Housing Society, Michigan. My problem is that I have been facing the issue of a higher water bill for the last three months. I am writing this letter after registering a lot of complaints through the online municipality complaint portal. No response has been shown yet.

I personally visited the CEO’s office to inform him about my issue, but he had no time to listen to my complaint. Now I am totally unsatisfied with the poor services provided by the municipality, and it seems that its officers don’t even bother to put an ear to customers’ complaints.

I have been charged US$200 in lieu of a water bill for the month of October. This is too high for a small family like mine. Earlier I told you that my family comprises three people including me and we are living in a small rental apartment.

We don’t use much water due to salinity problems and traces of heavy metals found in the water sample of our area. In short, we use approximately 10 liters of water to fulfill our daily water needs. US$200 amount is usually charged against water usage by a big family comprising 10-15 people whereas in my case, this amount is highly impractical.

Since I have got no positive response from all the concerned officers, therefore, being the biggest authority of the municipality, I am requesting you in a humble way. Please resolve my problem because I am unable to pay this amount as a water bill. Moreover, it seems as if there is a problem with your database. Whatever the case may be, please look into the matter and give me a chance to say thank you.

Letter to Municipality for Higher Water Bill

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