Letter of Concern for Promotion to CEO

Every employee working in an organization demands a progression in his work designation. This progression is granted when the organization analyses that the employee performance has achieved the level necessary for him to get promoted.

It is very important to realize the fact that not all employees become eligible for promotion at a time, it is rather only a few ones who after being examined on the various criterion set by the organization are promoted within the organization.

Promotions are mostly given by organizations but there are chances when an employee himself thinks that he should be given a promotion as according to him he has met all the requirements of being eligible for the promotion.

In this case, the employee must write to the CEO of the company and detail why he thinks that he needs to be promoted. He is to provide evidence to support his point of view, but it is still in the hands of the CEO who decides upon close examination of all the evidence that whether the employee should or should not be promoted. The CEO may also inquire into the matter that if the employee was eligible for promotion then why was he not granted promotion before. He based on his judgment then formulates the results of the promotion.

Sample letter

Mr. James,
ABC Company, London.

Mr. Green,
Sales executive.
ABC, London.

Dated: 11th January, 20XX

Subject: Concern of promotion for [X]

Respected Sir James,

I, Green has been serving in ABC Company as a sales executive for the past 5 years. I had joined back in 2015 when the company was facing a sales crisis. At that time, I was successful in formulating a sales strategy that did wonders. Our sales increased immensely which brought us huge profits. I had also received the best salesmanship award by the company for which I am grateful. 2 years back I had helped in increasing sales of our razors which were suffering a decrease in sales.

Last year when the promotions were being decided, I was hopeful that I might get promoted to a new designation, but things did not turn out in my favor. This year too I was once again hopeful of receiving a promotion but this year too I was denied.

I am very much disturbed by the fact that I have given my best to the company over the past 5 years and still I am not getting promoted. You can easily see through my performance chart that with every year my performance has improved. I have always worked in the best interest of the company. I had earlier talked to my manager regarding my concern for promotion, but it all went in vain. It is for this reason that I am writing to you personally.

I request you please look at my performance chart once again. You will surely see positive results in it. I hope to receive a positive reply from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Green,
Sales Executive
ABC Company

Letter of Concern for Promotion to CEO

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