Revised Benefit Letter to Employee Who has Resigned

Letter -1

Re. Stipulated Benefits on the Resignation According to Employee Termination/Resignation Policy 20XX

Dear Nicole,

This is Emily Anderson, the Assistant HR Manager of the company. I am writing this letter as a revised notice of the stipulated benefits you endure according to the employee termination/resignation policy 20XX.

This letter also serves as a response with reference to the request letter to revise your benefits when you are willing to resign from the job on certain prudent grounds. I have laid all the possible benefits that you can endure on behalf of this firm.

The company will provide you a Health/Medical Insurance for the next 4 months at the revised notice which is 3 months in ordinary circumstances according to the company’s policy. We have also increased your three months’ pension from $500 to $650 which will be given for not more than the next three months. The company will provide you all the legal assistance in the form of a lawyer, expenditure thus endorsed, and moral assistance in case of any trial happens to you for the next three months.

Moreover, we have revised benefits for you according to which you are permitted to use the company’s discount card for the next three months which is returnable. Your request for the benefit of using the company’s debit card has been declined by the Senior Finance Manager as it is beyond our services and includes a lot of risks.

For more, you can contact us for further information or to fulfill any query regarding this matter. We wish you the best of luck and a bright career ahead. It was a pleasure working with you and your services will always be regarded and render positive impacts as the foundations you put into the department of designing and development are fantabulous and everlasting. You are welcome to contact us at +[X]. Thank you.


Emily Anderson
Assistant HR Manager
Stevia-8 Group
23A/9-F California, USA

Revised Benefit Letter to Employee Who has Resigned

Letter -2

Re. Revising and Laying Down Your Employee Benefits on Resignation

Dear John,

With reference to the above-mentioned subject, I hereby intend to lay down all the revised benefits that the company can provide and implement at your request. According to the policies of the company, we are liable to provide only mandated benefits set down by the federal and state government according to the law.

In response to your request to revise benefits for you with reference to the long working experience with our company and giving us a foundational remark. To tribute your work and appreciate your ten years’ services rendered in the company, we have decided to revise the benefits for you.

The company has decided the endorsement of the following benefits to you for the next one-hundred days.

For the next one-hundred days, you can enjoy free health or medical insurance, use the company’s discount card, and use the company’s account to get a loan from our financial aid program (with certain conditions). You can use the company’s transportation card in Jimki, Leslie, and LetsGo too. The company will give you a pension of $1000 for the next one-hundred days in two episodes each with $500.

These benefits have been revised by the Director, Assistant Director, The General Manager and Finance Manager of the company. Please, do not be reticent to fulfill any of your queries and write to us at [email] or call us at +[X]. I close my letter with good wishes for your career and a bright future. Thank you.


Bell Astronomy
Studio 5 Group of IT and Software
23A/9-F California, USA

Revised Benefit Letter to Employee Who has Resigned

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