Letter of Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle

A letter for transfer of ownership of a vehicle is written when an individual wants to waiver its right to a certain vehicle and hand it over to someone else. Since it’s not a small deal to transfer your ownership to such a big entity to someone, you must always deal with it through proper legal ways.

One of many benefits of writing a letter for such a matter is, it will save both parties from any troubles, legal or social. One may assume it would only be in the advantage of the receiver to get an official document pertaining to his/her new right over the vehicle but it’s a blessing in disguise for the giver as well.

If one has only verbally given the vehicle away to anyone but on the legal documents it remains under his ownership, the current user can manipulate the vehicle. He/she knows that they won’t be held responsible for anything related to the vehicle because they don’t officially own it. Since people do all kinds of scams and want to get rid of the claim when it comes to taking responsibility, the person interested in transfer should always opt for making things more secure.

In the letter for transfer of ownership of a vehicle, you are supposed to clearly mention how you have renounced from your vehicle’s ownership and handed over to person b. Mention the date, time, and place this occurred with your and the receiver’s full names. You may also write your vehicle’s name and other necessary details like the number plate, color, any related ID, etc.

The crucial thing to remember while dealing with anything legal is, don’t ignore the minute details considering how small and harmless they seem. This could lead to others find s loophole and you can get trapped into those.

Moreover, get both parties’ signs on it and notarize the document from the notary officer.

Please take a look at the draft below on the subject matter. You may get an idea of how and what to write in a letter for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

Sample Letter

To whom it may concern,

I, Daniel Greg, owner of Honda Civic, 2016 model, color blue, am wavering my right to the ownership of this vehicle and transferring all rights pertaining to this vehicle to Mr. Joseph Mark on January 01, 20XX at 12:30 pm.

I would like to claim that there has not been any illegal activity done with this car and it has neither been an accomplice in any criminal cases. The police record of this vehicle is all clean.

From now on, Mr. Joseph Mike will deem responsible for everything related to this car. He may use it, however, under legal implications, he wishes. I am no longer eligible to request it back neither I can impose any restrictions on it. Mr. Joseph Mike may register this car on his ID now.

I wish all the best for Mr. Joseph Mike with this vehicle.

Signature of Daniel Greg,
Signature of Joseph Mike,

Letter of Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle

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