Letter Responding Concern of Customer Service

A response letter to the concern of the customer service is a formal letter on the company letterhead that is written by the organization and is addressed to the customer who has shown his dissatisfaction with the organization’s customer handling. This response letter is focused on the customer’s concern and complaint and is designed to make the customer satisfied.

Good customer service is essential to a business’s success. If a customer does not feel valued, or believes that his issues have not been handled properly by the company he might complain or may even stop purchasing from the business altogether. This may result in a ripple effect and the company would lose more and more customers. Therefore, the organizations cannot afford to dissatisfy and lose their customers.

If a customer has complained of experiencing bad customer service the organization should address it and send him a response letter to the concern of the customer service. Such letters may vary as per:

  • The circumstances
  • The complaint severity
  • The guilty party
  • The relationship with customer
  • The company policies
  • The compensation offered, etc.

However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Customer details.
  • Organization details.
  • Complaint details.
  • Response, regret and apology.
  • Possible explanations.
  • Compensation and offers.
  • Mention any attached documents.
  • Request for the avoidance of any negative reviews about the company.
  • Apologetic and remorseful statements as an ending note.

Through this letter, the organization needs to inform the customer about all the rectifying steps which have been taken to ensure that no similar issue would arise again. In addition, the compensation offered needs to be clearly stated and properly emphasized to make it lucrative enough for the customer.

The response letter is very important for the customer as well as the organization. When the customer receives it he feels valued and compensated and may continue being a customer of the company. As for the organization, it should design the letter with the consideration of many factors as it can help in retaining a customer or result in losing him.

Sample Letter Responding Concern of Customer Service

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to respond to your complaint of experiencing bad customer service, that you lodged on 8th August, 20XX.

First, we would like to thank you for choosing us and purchasing at our store. We highly apologize that our customer service representatives did not handle your exchange of the shirt size well. We admit that they should have taken the responsibility for checking the size availability rather they asked you to contact the customer service helpline. You found difficulty in contacting a representative through the helpline and had to revisit the store and yet in vain.

We have given warnings to the representatives, who mishandled your case. In addition, although there is no justification for your bad experience, we would like you to know that COVID-19 has affected our business greatly, and we had fired many of our trained employees, which is a reason, that you were dealt with by the untrained staff.

We highly regret the whole episode. Please accept our sincere apologies for your experience. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the exchange. Our representative would visit you tomorrow i.e., 10th August 20XX and make the exchange. As a gesture, we are also sending you a store credit of $50.

We look forward to serving you more.

Thank you.


Martha Steven.

Letter Responding Concern of Customer Service

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