Response Letter to Allegations of Misconduct


It is stated that this letter is being written as a response to the allegations posed on me and stated against me to the higher management. I am aware of the warning letters being issued from the top management to me in the short span of three months. Hence, I wanted to clear the misunderstandings and to put my stance forward so that real justice can be done with me as an employee in Apex Telecom.

In the last couple of months, I had been facing a lot of workplaces bullying as a new assistant manager. The Marketing Head, Mr. Richards asked me to carry on some of his personal tasks including his chores related to home decor and maintenance as his house is being renovated these days for the last two months. I respectfully denied it more than twice, telling him that these personal tasks do not come under the shelter of official tasks and that I am not being paid for such unofficial tasks.

Ever since he has been intimidating me and threatening me around the workplace and a ganging up of the rest of the employees of the department initiated which made me feel uneasy in the office. Many a time I have confronted Mr. Richards that such conduct was unjust and that such pressure would make me go less productive for the company but he just threatened me to complain against me, which he just did.

Sir, working in this office would have been much easier and more fun for me if such acts of intimidation and bullying were not a part of my daily routine. This has also affected my mental health and wellbeing which is eventually consuming my daily stamina and energy resulting in lower and poorer work productivity on the job.

Now that Mr. Richard has shared the matter with the top management, I seek your help, guidance, and justice in this regard. I request you to look into this matter of workplace ganging up and bullying as I am not the only one facing this issue here, but I have come up to you with the issue as I was being issued with the warning letters more than twice.

I hope that the matter would be discussed by investigating other employees of the marketing department and that I would be provided with my job security in the company.

Best Regards,

Alexander Hues,

Marketing Department

Response Letter to Allegations of Misconduct


To, Ms. Dolores Courtney,

Head Mistress
London Evening Finishing School

Dear Ms. Courtney,

It is stated that I am writing this letter about the matter of allegations against me for my alleged misconduct. Madame, I have recently joined the Finishing School as an English language teacher. I have been teaching in Scotland previously and due to sheer workplace politics, I decided to quit the job from there. The strain was a bit too much on me and it was getting difficult for me to manage the stress of 50 students in the class all at once. The environment there was very strict and stuffy, hence I developed a habit of caning students as it was a tradition and a part of policy there.

Ever since I joined your school, no formal guidance and instructions were given to me and I was confused as I did not know how to adapt to the teaching culture over here. As I take classes of English- as a Foreign Language, the foreign students really act to be as thick as a brush when they are unwilling to do their homework right and on time.

Although I sense the fact that the students act dumb in front of me on purpose. This process consumes my extra energy, efforts, and time which is affecting my stamina in a negative way. Recently, a female student just misbehaved with me and talked back when I asked her to stop using her mobile phone in the class timings. I felt insulted and hence got infuriated, where I canned that student a couple of times.

It turns out that this punishment was banned in the school which I was completely unaware of. So, all these allegations posed on me for misconduct and strictness are right, and I admit that I should not have taken this somewhat severe step against students no matter what.

I, hence, seek my deepest apologies from the authorities and request to kindly grant me a chance of improving my patience level and teaching skills with the foreign students. I guarantee you that anything of such sort will not happen again.

I hope that my request would not be rejected and that I would be given at least a single chance to improve my teaching method and code of conduct as an instructor.

Thanking you.

Yours respectfully,

Jeremy Brown
English Language Department

Response Letter to Allegations of Misconduct

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