Letter to Announce Broken Engagement

When a couple gets engaged, the happy news is given to all family members as well as friends. Preparations begin for the upcoming wedding. Even a tentative or confirmed date may be announced for the big day. In case the engagement is dissolved for some reason, the concerned relatives and friends deserve to be informed about it in a proper way.

There are two types of announcements in this scenario. For high profile couples, such as celebrities, there is a public announcement which may be made through a newspaper or a public forum. Every concerned person can easily learn about the news this way. Similarly, couples with a large social circle may also opt for the same type of announcement so that they do not have to send personal letters to each and everyone they know. On the other hand, a more personalized announcement can be made by ex-couples who wish to deliver the news only to their families or close friends.

Discussed below is what to include in such an announcement whether it is public or personalized.

  • Make the Announcement

Start the letter with the announcement. State the names of the involved individuals in case you are writing on behalf of the ex-couple. Mention clearly that they are no longer in a relationship with each other.

  • Express Positivity

Although it is not a happy piece of news, express some positivity in order to tone down the shock some readers might get after this announcement. State that the decision is going to be beneficial in the long run as it is better to end the relationship now instead of suffering from an unhappy marriage.

  • Remove Doubts

Emphasize to your audience that it is not a hasty and immature decision as most of the readers might believe it to be. Explain that both the parties are satisfied with it and wish to move on with their lives. You may put stress on the fact that you two will not be getting back together in future. In this way, there will be no doubts among the readers regarding your decision and they will take it seriously.

  • Maintain your Privacy

Disclosing the reason behind your break up is not necessary. You have the right to ask everyone to respect your privacy. On the other hand, you may simply state that your decision to break the engagement is due to a lack of understanding or personal reasons. Although you may confide in your closest friends and family members, it is best to remain vague in an open announcement. In this way, you will not give anyone the chance to gossip about you.

In addition, the mature way of dealing with the situation is not to throw dirt on the other party. State that the decision is mutual. You should be careful about what you reveal in such a letter and how you talk about your ex. In other words, state your reason for break up in a careful manner.

  • Apologize for Inconvenience

Many couples announce their wedding date after getting engaged. When the wedding is off, it may cause inconvenience to some of the invited guests. Therefore, do express your apologies in the letter.

  • Thank the Readers for Cooperation

In the end, thank your family and friends for being there for you during such times. Express your gratitude for their understanding as well as support. 

Here are two sample letters for this type of announcement. The first letter is written on behalf of the couple. It is to be noted that this letter is short and precise. It conveys the basic message to the audience. On the other hand, the second one is a more personalized announcement written by the affected person herself. The writer has expressed her emotions and added a little bit of more relevant detail to the letter.

Sample -1

It is to inform you that (Name 1) and (Name 2) have broken off their engagement. The decision is mutual and both of them have ended their relationship on peaceful terms. The reason for this decision is personal. Both parties have requested to respect their privacy.

The wedding which was planned to take place in November this year has, therefore, been canceled. The ex-couple apologizes to all family members, friends and acquaintances for any inconvenience and is grateful to everyone for their cooperation.

Letter to Announce Broken Engagement

Sample -2

I am writing to inform everyone with a heavy heart that John and I are no longer engaged with each other. We have decided to part ways owing to the lack of compatibility between us. It is a mutual decision and we both feel content with it.

I am sure this news must have come as a shock to all of you. When we got engaged 3 months back, it seemed as though John and I were made for each other. We also received many compliments from all of you for being an adorable couple. However, during the post-engagement period, we realized that we lack the understanding between us that is necessary for a happy married life. This is the reason we have broken up with each other. Although this decision has left us heartbroken, it is for the best. Tolerating a little pain now will save us from a lifetime of suffering. I, therefore, request you all to support our decision.

I thank you for your kindness. Your cooperation in this difficult time will be much appreciated. 

Letter to Announce Broken Engagement

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