Letter to Announce an Employee for a Position

An employee within an organization is sometimes upgraded to a new position due to his experience and commendable work performance. Alternatively, employees may be assigned added responsibilities by appointing them to certain committees in the organization. Such upgrades and appointments are announced to the rest of the staff.

Here is how to write an official letter in order to make such an announcement. Discuss the New Appointment

Begin the letter by announcing the new appointment. Make this announcement with delight and pleasure. State the name of the employee and his old or current designation with the company. You may also briefly discuss a little about the employee’s background, such as how long he/she has been serving the company.

  • Explain the Organization’s Decision

Discuss why the company has chosen a particular employee for the new appointment among many others. State how he/she is suitable for the required role because of the relevant skills and experience.

  • Discuss the Employee’s Qualities

Shed light on the employee’s work skills. Discuss his/her main qualities briefly for the information of the readers as well as to express appreciation for the chosen employee.

  • State his/her Main Responsibilities

Since the employee has been designated a new position, state how his/her responsibilities have changed. On the other hand, if he/she has been appointed to a particular committee, discuss his/her role while he/she carries on with the responsibilities of his/her current designation as well. All of the discussion should be brief.

  • Express your Trust in him

State that you are confident that the employee will carry out his new duties well. Express your trust in his/her abilities.

Sample Letter -1

It is our honor to announce that the Head of the Finance Department, Mr. XYZ will be taking over as the Branch Manager at our newly opened branch at (location). His skills and experience make him well-qualified for the job. He has the ability to make our new branch flourish through his dedication and hard work.

XYZ has been working with us for the past 8 years. He made his way up from the role of Assistant Manager to the Head of the Finance Department in no time. He has been leading a number of our projects with successful results. His impressive leadership qualities and charismatic personality make him the best choice as our new Branch Manager.

We thank him for accepting the position and taking on the important responsibility of running a brand-new branch. We wish him all the best with complete confidence in his abilities.

Letter to Announce an Employee for a Position

Sample Letter -2

It is our pleasure to inform all the staff that the new head of the Organizing Committee at ABC corporation is Miss Jane. She is one of our most valuable employees in the HR department. She has earned her new role through her consistent performance and impressive organizing skills.

Miss Jane has been a member of this committee since last year. She is, therefore, well aware of the required responsibilities and duties. Her primary job in this role will be to oversee all our corporate events as well as office parties. These events will be organized under her supervision while the other committee members will perform the tasks assigned to them by her.

We are pleased with her appointments as she is a well-qualified candidate for this job. The company trusts her for her skills and experience and expects the best from her.

Letter to Announce an Employee for a Position

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