Letter to approve a project proposal

Employees often make formal proposals and suggest ideas for the improvement and progress of their organization. Upon approval of such proposals, they are informed through a formal letter and appreciate for putting forth a useful suggestion. This letter discusses how the idea is beneficial for the company and how it is going to be implemented.

A formal tone is maintained while composing this letter. The following points should be included.

  • State the Decision Regarding the Proposal

Make a clear reference to the proposal or idea put forth by your employee. State the company’s decision about accepting this proposal. Express your excitement or pleasure at making this announcement.

  • Mention Relevant Details

Since the idea has been approved, state how the company wishes to put it into realization. Mention a tentative date for the beginning of the proposed job. In case more details need to be discussed in a meeting, mention the date of the meeting and invite the employee to attend it.

  • Discuss the Basis for Approval

The letter should mention why this particular proposal has been approved. Briefly highlight its advantages and importance.

  • Mention a Timeline

A timeline should be mentioned regarding the Implementation of the proposed idea. Mention the dates and important milestones decided by the management in order to inform the employee when his idea will become a reality. However, in case a timeline has not been decided yet, state so.

  • Discuss the Implementation of the Idea

Briefly discuss the company’s decision about carrying out the proposed idea. You may state what the important tasks would be, who the team members for the project should be and how much budget may be allocated. However, avoid making any unrealistic promises. For instance, do not give false hopes about huge grants to be sanctioned or a promotion for the employee in case of the success of the suggested project.

  • Explain the Role of the Employee who Made the Proposal

Discuss what role the employee needs to play for the Implementation of his idea. He may either be appointed as the leader of the project or asked to carry out the important tasks himself. You may ask him to attend a meeting for further discussion.

Sample Letter

I am pleased to inform you that the management has approved your proposal for carrying out the XYZ project. A meeting will be held shortly in order to discuss how to turn your idea into realization.

After assessing all the pros and cons, the company has concluded that the project will indeed be profitable for the organization. As pointed out by you in your proposal, it is going to strengthen the reputation of the company. As a result, we will emerge as more successful among our competitors in the market. We also expect a subsequent increase in our client base. Considering all of these benefits, it has been decided to go on with the assignment and begin our work by the next month.

The company has yet to outline a timeline for the project along with the allocation of a suitable budget. Additionally, a strong team is required with a capable leader. Since the idea has been put forth by you, the management might appoint you as the supervisor of the project if you agree to take the responsibility. These matters need to be discussed in a meeting which will be held in the coming week. You will be informed about the day and time of the meeting as your attendance is necessary.

Your idea has been much appreciated by the management. The success of this project will have a positive impact on your career. I wish you good luck with this important assignment.

Letter to approve a project proposal

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