Letter to approve a request for late submission of project

There are various types of formal requests made in the corporate world every day. It may be a request for leave, the extension of a deadline or for a certain project. When the request has been processed and approved by the authorities, the requesting party is informed by means of a formal letter.

This is an official letter and, therefore, carries a formal tone. The content should not wander away from the main subject. However, it is necessary to include all the important details in a brief manner. This letter should be informative yet comprehensive. Discussed below are different situations for writing an approval letter.

  • Extending a Deadline

Requesting for the extension of a deadline is quite common in the working world as well as educational institutes. An employee may request for the extension of the deadline of a project. Likewise, students may ask to extend the final submission date for a college assignment. Upon approval of this request, the requesting person is informed accordingly.

State the reason for the approval which must be a valid excuse presented by the requesting individual in his application. Mention the new deadline and discuss any new rules or instructions if necessary. Do state that the new deadline is final in order to assert your seriousness about the completion of the project or assignment.

  • Granting Leave

This is another commonly written approval letter in the corporate world. Upon approval of an employee’s leave application, he is informed formally through an official letter. The relevant dates for the leave and re-joining must be clearly mentioned.

  • Loan/Credit Card Approval

This letter is written by a bank to its client upon approval of a loan or credit card application. The exact amount of the loan or credit card limit is stated clearly. Additionally, relevant terms and conditions are discussed or enclosed with the letter.

  • Salary Increment

This letter announces the fulfillment of an employee’s request for an increment in his salary. The exact figures are mentioned. It is discussed if there are any added responsibilities or conditions accompanying the increment.

  • Employee Transfer

An employee may ask to be transferred from one branch to another or may request for an interdepartmental transfer. This letter of approval informs him about his requested change. This information includes the name of his new manager or supervisor as well as details about any new job responsibilities or challenges.

  • Permission for a Project

When the request for a project is approved, an official letter is written to the concerned individual or team. This letter discusses the allocated timeline, budget and expects goals. A date for a meeting may also be fixed through this letter for further discussion.

  • Grant for a Project

A specific fund or grant may be requested in order to carry out a project or research. When authorities approve this request, the concerned team or team leader is informed by means of a formal letter. This letter contains details about the total sum of the allocated fund, expectations and related conditions.

There are many other types of requests made by employees or clients to the official authorities. Here are a few sample letters for approval of a request under various scenarios.

Sample Letter -1

Considering your poor health, the past week, your request for the extension of the deadline has been approved. You are now expected to submit the project feasibility report on the 15th of March.

Kindly double checks the stats and leave no room for errors. The company relies on you for presenting the perfect report to our client.

Good luck with your task.

Sample Letter -2

Your application for annual leave has been approved. You are allowed to take leave from 16th May to 1st June. Kindly hand over the ongoing assignments to Miss. Jane. She will be looking after your clients during your absence. Moreover, you are expected to wind up the XYZ report before you leave.

We hope you enjoy your vacation. See you after 2 weeks.

Sample Letter -3

It is our pleasure to approve your loan in accordance with your application submitted to the bank on 6th December 2018. You will be granted a sum of 1 million rupees with an annual interest rate of 5%.

As per the bank’s conditions, you are expected to pay the loan back within 5 years. Kindly refer to the attached terms and conditions for more details.

Please contact the bank in case of any queries.

Sample Letter -4

This is with reference to your letter dated 12th June 2019. After careful consideration of your request about transferring you to the XYZ department, the management has given its approval.

This decision is based on your interest in field work. As you are already aware, your new department will require you to be at the work site more often. The management expects you to be diligent and responsible for your new duty.

The requested change will be in effect from the 1st of July. You will report to Mr. ABC from the next month onwards.

Letter to approve a request for late submission of project

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