Letter to Claim Salary Arrears


Hope you are having a great time. I am Linda Marlin; Project Manager in Marry Land Organization and I am working in this organization since 1998. I have given almost 20 years’ service in the organization and as far as the service policy of the organization is concerned, it was decided in the marketing affairs committee almost five months ago that salary will be given in increments. The committee had decided this decision in April 20XX, and it had to be executed from 1st October 2020. 

The purpose of my writing this letter is to claim my salary arrears. The issue I am facing is that I still have been receiving the salary like before without any increment. It was decided that I would be given increment as salary arrears. Moreover, when I was promoted to the position of a project manager then my salary also remained the same. I have not gotten a salary promotion from April 2020 till now and this is also counted as salary indebtedness.

I had informed the matter with the Head of the Finance Department, but I did not a satisfactory answer. I have also e-mailed on the company’s official website and discussed the matter but, all went in vain. Therefore, the last option left for me was to directly send you a letter about the matter.

I request you to govern the concerned department to give me the salary arrears bilaterally. I want augmentation in salary as well as up-gradation in the salary with promotion. Keeping in view afore told situation It would be a great favor from your side if you a kind consideration to my request and direct accounts department to give me salary arrears on an urgent basis. I would be much thankful to you for this. Waiting for the positive response from your side. Thank you.


Linda Marlin

Letter to Claim Salary Arrears


Dear Mr. Edward,

I am Anthony Mark and working as an assistant manager in your company. I am writing this letter to claim salary arrears for the last three months. This is the policy of the company that salary will be transferred to employee’s accounts on the 5th of every month. I am getting a basic salary but without salary arrears. Moreover, I also receive my salary on the 10th or 12th of every month and as per the set policy of the company’s salaries are transferred to accounts on the 5th  of each month. 

The irony of the situation is that I had made numerous requests to the accounts and finance department about the problem, but they did not even bother to do something in this regard. I am living here along with my family and due to the current pandemic, my financial condition is getting down day by day. It is germane to broach here that my family hangs on me and I am the only meal-ticket of my family. Moreover, on the 6th of the coming month, I have had to pay the rent as well and I have other expenses too.

Despite repeated emails, I was not responded. I had visited the concerned department also to discuss the matter, but they told me that there is some problem in the account’s office, and it would be solved out by them. I visited the accounts department and they did not give me a satisfactory answer. So, in the end, I thought to hand over the matter to you. I hope that keeping in view what has been told, you will do something in this regard to give my salary arrears. It would be a great favor on your behalf, and I would be relieved to you for solving my issue. I would be thankful to you for this.


Anthony Mark

Letter to Claim Salary Arrears

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