Letter of Concern for Missing Deadline

I am Paulo Leon, HR of the XYZ Company.  I am sending you this letter as a reprimand for not meeting the deadlines. We appoint employees in our company based on their credibility and potentiality to meet office deadlines. We are in competition with one of the best companies in the town and the urge to move forward is increasing day by day and in this competitive environment and tough race we want our employees to be punctual, competitive, and potential.

You know punctuality does not mean attending meetings and coming to the office on time. It also means to accomplish the assigned deadlines in the time given. Your performance at the start of joining was up to the mark but gradually you started lacking interest in office work.

I am so much disheartened with your conduct now. You are failing to meet the given deadlines and you are doing it for a long time. This kind of attitude is not acceptable at all as it is causing damage to the reputation of the company. The clients are not satisfied with us now and having unwanted experience because they did not get their project ready on time and it all happened because of you as you were dealing with projects. The company has earned its name after a lot of hard work of the employees and we do not want to get it affected by your bad performance.

If you continue to show such performance, then we will face its severe outcomes. I am given you a warning now to be serious in your affairs and focus on your work by meeting the deadlines. If you do not come up to the expectations of the company then terminating you from the job would be the final decision left for us. Hope to see a positive change in you.


Paulo Leon

Letter of Concern for Missing Deadline


Dear Mr. Lucy,

I am Edward Leo the director manager of ABC Institute. This letter serves as a reprimand for not meet up the deadlines. The employees are appointed in our institute on the basis of their integrity and reliability to come up with expectations for office deadlines. Our organization stands in one of the best organizations in Hampshire and the race to move forward is creating competition in various renowned institutions and to move up with the pace we want that our employees should be arduous, adroit, potential, and competitive. You know the thing well that punctuality does not come simply by following office timings; it has to be practiced in all spheres. At the start, you performed exuberant performance but now you are coming up with our expectations.

I know this fact well that the condition of your job is tiring and tough and it also brings with a lot of stress and depression. There comes a time and situation when one does not bear the work pressure and it is quite understood able thing. To not meet the deadlines twice or thrice can be because of some personal problem but you are exceeding in number by not meeting the deadlines. This attitude of yours has affected not only the company’s progress but also has brought wreckage to employee’s lives. Your irresponsible and ruthless attitude has put a bad name on our organization’s esteem.

I had been reporting many complaints against you regarding not fulfilling the other office duties. I had discussed this thing verbally with you and you had assured me that you will improve yourself. However, complaints reported against you recently are stating otherwise.

You are an important part of our organization and we respect each of our employees and it would be very heartrending to terminate but, in the future, if you do not meet the deadlines then we will terminate you immediately. I hope that you will take this warning seriously.


Edward Leo

Letter of Concern for Missing Deadline

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