Letter to Criticize Employee for Smoking


Hope you are doing well, as you already know how our company goes on with the well-reputed firms and other companies in the corporate sector. Being an employee of this company, you are aware of the company’s rules and regulations.

We have consistently been holding meetings about the precautions that must be taken by the employees for our customer convenience and satisfaction. This is needed to work in a healthy environment for both, the employee and customer’s safety measures.

We have received a few complaints from the past two months that you are smoking during working hours and very often at your workplace at the front desk in presence of clients.

You were warned verbally from management after witnessing from the admin department as well but sadly you had not taken it seriously.

You are a very hardworking employee of our organization and management does not want to take such type of notices to you. We entrusted you this job and this post by seeing the potential and we are hoping to continue with you for a long time. Such warnings and complaints are harmful to your own benefit and the impact of your hardworking personality.

This is a very reserved warning, and this letter will be placed on your personal employment file. Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter by signing the copy as enclosed herewith.




Letter to criticize employee for smoking


Hope you are doing well. This letter has been issuing you in a healthy criticism manner. Like you already know our company has always been appreciated by our clients and other companies as well regarding its reputation and well-known rules and regulations. We have always made sure that the environment we are providing here to our employees and clients is healthy and safe for all.

At this point, working with us for six months you must have to be aware that a company’s reputation is with the client’s satisfaction. Infact any company would never progress if they received these types of complaints. You are a very progressive and hardworking employee of our organization, and we don’t want you to receive such remarks from the clients and other co-workers here.

It is not a good idea to smoke a cigarette at the workplace and interact with customers. It is simply not our company’s policy to bear with those employees who have a very unprofessional attitude and don’t bother to keep themselves away from smoking during working hours. You have also been verbally warned before too, but you did not pay any heed to them. It is also mentioned in your employment contract that maintaining cleanliness is a must. For your convenience, I am reiterating here that any worker with a cigarette will not be tolerated.

Please consider this letter as a formal warning letter from the company. You are expected to come to the workplace free from the urge of smoking and it is not easy to quit it during working hours that should be restricted to lunch break or off time only. We do not want to ruin our company’s image in front of our clients. We would not take this in future as such types of complaints are very embarrassing for us and for your own career too.

We hope that this notice will help you understand how smoking leaves such terrible impacts on a company’s image as well as an employee too. If we receive another single complaint again regarding smoking, we will have to take some other disciplinary actions as this action of your questions on the integrity of the company.


Letter to criticize employee for smoking

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