Suspension Letter for Physical Harassment by an Employee


Re. Suspension for Physical Harassment by Mr. Gale Roberts in terms of Racial Slurs and physical Intimidation

This letter demands justice in the shape of suspension of the Senior Web Development Manager Mr. Gale Roberts. I am Jenny Hazelton and I work as an Assistant Web Developer in the Department of Web Development and Management. I am working in this company since 2015 and have never faced such issues ever before. Mr. Gale Roberts is my immediate supervisor and head of the department of Web Development and Management. He has been my supervisor since last month as he was promoted from Assistant Web Designer.

Mr. Gale Roberts has intimidated me physically on racial terms after using racial slurs and cracking vulgar jokes for a long term. He has been harassing me for my black race for months, but I always chose to ignore and did not pay heed to his cheap remarks on my skin, body, and race. He intimidated me physically by gripping my hand forcedly and saying that niggers should be blocked to enter this company. He also used racial remarks for me when we were in a meeting with some clients from Chicago and Dubai.

This event occurred exactly on 4th June 2021 at 4:30 PM when he gripped my hand forcefully and used vulgar and racial remarks. The incident took place when most of the employees were busy packing up to leave for home. The incident can get its proof from the CCTV installed in his (Mr. Roberts’) office. Moreover, I have the record of his WhatsApp messages that he sent to me last weekend. He sent me some posts from a vulgar magazine depicting black women’s nudity and black beauty.

Cathy Janson and Olivia are two witnesses of this event, and they are willing to give their witness description in this case. CCTV footage of 4th June 20XX can be watched to complement the incident. I can provide the screenshots of WhatsApp messages as proof on demand.

I demand the justice and immediate suspension of Mr. Roberts as he did not stop on the first two warnings by the Human Resource Management. I can appear in person for further discussion on this or you can email me [X].

I hope for immediate and strict action and expect practical measures to create a professional and safe workplace, especially for women and minorities. I shall be grateful to you for the review and would be glad to have your response. Thank you.


Jenny Hazleton
Assistant Web Developer
Department of Web Development and Management
Focal Technology and Weber (FTW)
78-C Dancy Road, Boston


Suspension Letter for Physical Harassment by an Employee


Re. Asking for Suspension of Jonathan Hall for Committing Physical Harassment and Breaching the Federal Policy of Workplace Security-2009

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to demand the suspension of Jonathan Hall, Senior WD Manager from the Department of Web Designing and Development. I have already submitted the summary and response to the complaint letter in which all the details have been provided.

Mr. Hall has committed physical harassment against his co-worker Mrs. Maria Lockhart who is her subordinate. He has been found derelict of abuse of his designation and thus has committed malfeasance in office.

Hall has also breached the Federal policy of Workplace security 2009 according to which physical harassment has to be dispensed with strict measures against the harasser and termination. A reduced form of the decree states a suspension from the workplace for three weeks with no payment.

On these grounds, immediate suspension of Mr. Hall has been requested effected from 05-07-XX. For more please visit Director’s office from 2 PM to 4 PM or write to him at [X].


Kim David
Managing Director
DVX Group of Tech Experts
OPUS-00920 Orlando, Florida

Suspension Letter for Physical Harassment by an Employee

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