Letter to Respond to a Complaint on Student’s Safety

We received your complaint regarding the incident that took place on [date]. On behalf of the school We want to reassure you that we have fully investigated the matter and the facts that have come to light are as under:

The students of grade eight were having a practice cricket match in preparation for the inter-school cricket tournament when some students from another school broke into the ground. This resulted in an argument which ended up becoming a full-blown fight between the boys. The teachers and the cricket coach who was present on the scene controlled the situation and the imposters were thrown out.

We are very concerned about the entire incident and want to reassure you that it would not be repeated. The first step we have taken is raising the walls of the play area and increasing the number of guards present on the premises. In addition, it has been decided that the practice matches would end by 6 am in the evening i.e. well before sunset.

We respect your concerns and realize that the student’s safety inside the school premises is the school’s responsibility. Rest assured that we take this responsibility very seriously and would be extra vigilant in the future. We want to apologize for the stress this incident caused all the parents. If you have any further queries or any suggestions in this regard, feel free to communicate them to the school administration as we have an open-door policy and always welcome and value the parent’s input.

Looking forward to your positive response.

Letter to Respond to a Complaint on Student’s Safety


We received your complaint regarding the security arrangements at the annual sports day to be held on [date] at [name] cricket stadium. Your first concern was that the sports day is being held in a cricket stadium instead of the school grounds which is very risky as it is difficult to ensure the student’s safety in such a big venue.

Sir, we take the trust the parents put in us very seriously and to this end, no compromises will ever be made. The problem is that the annual sports day is the day all the branches come together to celebrate and showcase the skills, the students have acquired over the year.

The school grounds are not big enough to accommodate all the students and their parents at a single time. The decision to book the cricket stadium was taken after much thought and a lot of planning went into ensuring that it was safe for the students.

We have been holding multiple practice drills in the venue with our staff. From the place where the students would sit before and after their respective competitions, which teacher would look after which group and who would be supervising the teachers; everything has been planned in detail and practiced repeatedly in drills. We have ensured that there are multiple checks and that there is no room for error. Please rest easy in this regard.

Your second concern was that since the venue is open-air and the temperatures are rising, it would be too hot for the children to sit outside let alone take part in the competitions. We have catered for this problem by covering the children’s seats with tarmac and placing pedestal fans at a regular distance. Water and other refreshments like cold beverages would be served by the waiters to parents and students alike.

In the end, we want to assure you that we take children’s safety very seriously and you need not worry about anything, join us on [date] and enjoy the show the kids put up. However, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Looking forward to a memorable and enjoyable day.

Letter to Respond to a Complaint on Student’s Safety

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