Letter to Return Company Property

Subject: Query to return company property vid [X]

I, Anderson, working as an assistant manager in ABC pharmaceuticals, want to inform you formally that you are in unlawful possession of company assets. Management has raised grave concerns over your negligence. You were terminated on account of misconduct on [date]. Soon after your termination, you were supposed to return all office items under your control within 10 days. I regret to inform you that you have failed to do so which indicates that you have not been able to rectify your mistakes yet.

As per law, all documents including notes, files, and tangible property like credit cards and vehicles are the exclusive property of the company. You have no right to keep any of the above-mentioned items under your control after termination or resignation.

Clause 4 of company laws indicates that all executive employees who resign or are terminated due to any reason must return the company belongings after the prescribed official procedure. You had been working for the last 16 years. You must have understood company rules regarding the return of company property and office items after termination.  

It is informed that you fall under the above-mentioned employee category and 15 days have passed after your termination. A list of all the items has been enclosed with this letter. You are hereby informed to return all your belongings immediately. Otherwise, the company will be forced to take legal action against you.

For your benefit, you must return the items by the 2nd of October. After that, legal proceedings will be initiated by the company. I hope you will understand the severity of the matter and avoid legal action. Please contact the admin officer of the company if you have any queries regarding this issue.

I am waiting for a positive and prompt response from your side.

Letter to return company property

Letter -2

Subject: Return of company property regarding [X]

Dear Anderson,

My name is Lee, assistant manager in Stars Marketing Pvt. Ltd. I want to inform you on behalf of management that you are in illegal possession of a company credit card, vehicle, and a duplicate key of your office. You resigned on [date]. Immediately after your retirement, you also lost the right to keep company belongings under your control. Any such possession will be considered unlawful after a specified period.

Please refer to company rules, 19XX about possession of the company’s property. It is mentioned that any employee who resigns or is terminated, must return all the company belongings within 15 days. After that company has the right to take legal action against him.

Amenities were meant to be enjoyed as long as you were part of this organization. Please note that this return will be governed by the prescribed procedure; company officials will check the items for their genuineness. In case of any harm to the property of the company, the charged amount will be deducted from your final settlement.

If you fail to return the items within the prescribed time period, your final payment will be stopped. In addition, legal action will also be initiated against you on account of unlawful possession of company belongings. A list of all the items is also being sent with this letter for your convenience. Please check it carefully. If you have any queries regarding the list, you can contact the admin officer during office hours before the deadline.  

Keeping in view the severity of this matter, you are advised to follow the instructions. I hope you will not compel us to start legal proceedings against you. We are waiting for a quick and positive response from you.

Letter to return company property

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