Letter to someone for helping in your absence

You may need to take off from work owing to an urgent personal business, illness, an emergency at home or simply to take a break from office for a while. However, during your absence, you need someone to take care of your duties.

There may be a number of tasks to perform which cannot be delayed until you return to work. These may include dealing with clients, maintaining paperwork and preparing reports. For this purpose, you may need to ask one of your coworkers to do you a favor by fulfilling your responsibilities while you are away.

Fulfilling another employee’s duties is a big responsibility. It increase’s one’s workload. Therefore, you must show your gratitude by means of a proper thank you letter.

A thank you letter is used to show your appreciation, acknowledgment and gratitude. Here are some tips to follow while composing this type of letter.

1. Express your Gratitude

Express your heartfelt gratitude to someone who covered for you when you could not attend office due to some reason. A coworker who performs your work duties along with his own during your absence deserves your sincere appreciation. Therefore, state how thankful you are for this huge favor right in the first paragraph.

2. Appreciate his/her Work

You should acknowledge the efforts made by your coworker for doing your work. It is important not to mention any mistakes or errors made by him/her. Remember that your duties must have added to his/her workload. Handling extra responsibilities is a tedious job. Therefore, ignore the mistakes and focus on the positive aspects. State that you appreciate how he looked after the affairs for you while you were not there. You should make him/her feel that his/her help has been really valuable.

3. Offer to Return the Favor

When your coworker voluntarily covers your shift or fulfills other work responsibilities for you during your absence, it is polite to offer your assistance as well. After showing your gratitude and appreciation for the help, you should state that you are willing to do the same for him whenever needed.

4. Make him/her Feel Special

A coworker who extends a helping hand during an hour of need deserves to feel special for this kind gesture. Therefore, let him/her know that his assistance has been indispensible. This is another way of showing your appreciation and acknowledgment for the favor.

Sample Letter

Dear XYZ,

Thank you so much for fulfilling my responsibilities during my absence from office. I am sincerely grateful to you for accepting the extra burden for an entire week while I was recovering from my sudden illness at home. I am most appreciative of your help.

I must say you have done an excellent job at keeping all the paperwork updated and organized. It has been a relief to return to office without any pending work piled up at my desk. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for this favor. I don’t know what I would have done without your assistance.

I am lucky to have such a cooperative and responsible coworker like you. Simply knowing that you have been looking after my duties helped me recover with peace of mind. Do give me a chance to return the favor when required. It will be an honor for me to return the favor whenever you need my help.

Yours Sincerely,
[Name Here]

Thank you letter to someone for helping in your absence

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