Loan Application Request Letters to Boss

Personal Loan Request Letter

I am writing this letter to seek your help. It is with countless reservations that I am requesting a loan on my pay of the sum of Dollar seventy-five thousand. The early payment in wage will assist with an unforeseen economic requirement. I am supposed to refund with relations settled upon and choose that even costs be engaged out of my remuneration. Your generous deliberation will be greatly valued.

Since I am preparing to go on break, I request you to grant me a peculiar loan for my medical outflow which desires to be completed instantly within my vacation retro. I am eager to recompense it from my monthly wage.

I would request you to express into this substance and generously fix the needful thanking you in expectation. I’ll surely return you the money taken as a loan by making sure the deduction from my salary is done on monthly basis.

Taking my request into consideration would be a great help. I am waiting for your reply anxiously.

Marriage Loan Request Letter

Marriage Loan Request LetterI have been a fragment of this institute for the previous decade. Everybody in here is well alert of my moral demeanor and constructive conduct. In my profession with this firm, I have never given anybody a prospect for complaint. I am a very meticulous and responsive hand and my earlier record demonstrates that I have been a plus to this establishment.

I want to apprise you modestly that my sister is getting married the next month on 15th June 2019. I am the eldest one in the house. We are not fiscally fine that we can grip all the matrimonial errands fully. So, I implore you to make provisions for my sister’s wedding. These engagements will contain food and dining hall expenditures.

You are an open-handed and unselfish person and I know that you will be facilitating me at this critical time. I have made many preparations, but I am still out of money and I plead you to help me out.

I will be really obliged to you for this compassion and I guarantee you that I will return the sum as soon as probable in episodic forms. You can keep a record of it and make it more approved if you have any complications. I will be waiting for your quick reply as I need succor instantaneously.

Home Renovation Loan Request Letter

Home Renovation Loan Request LetterIt is stated that I am in extreme need of some money which I want in the form of a loan from you. This is unexpectedly an exceptional and unforeseen situation that is hard to be dealt all alone by myself.

This is a formal request for a loan of $15,000/- to be refunded with a deduction from my salary per month. I would like to repay the loan within twelve months. I want the coinage to pay for renewals to my home. After a sanitation crisis, the carpeting in my living room, and one bedroom was tumbled-down beyond mending. The appraisal from the supplier is $15,000/- to lay new flooring in two rooms.

The runner has originated to decay and is measured unwholesome as it litters the air. I have stimulated in with my mother until we can get the carpet changed. The loan will be recompensed with payments that can be subtracted from my pay each month until the loan with interest is squared.

Kindly, consider my appeal and grant me the needed amount as a loan. I will be highly grateful to you for this act of kindness.


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