Meeting Request Messages to Boss


Respectful Sir, I, Daniel Greg, the head of the Finance Department, am writing this message to you to formally request a meeting with you. I have been observing some malicious activities from a couple of senior employees in the department and even after my verbal warnings, they did not stop. I believe it is high time to bring this matter to your notice now. Due to the grave nature of the matter, I request you to please prioritize this message before the company’s repute is endangered. Thank you!


Dear Sir, this is John Wick, an employee serving this company for the last three years and my records are evidence of the diligence and sincerity I have invested in the company. Almost all the projects I oversaw were not only succeeded but made the client companies our regular customers. However, my HOD seems to be never content with me. Instead of appreciating me, he always puts me down in front of the whole department and my colleagues are witness to this humiliation I often must go through for no reason at all. Now I feel like I am burning out and this is affecting my work. Hence, I am requesting you to call a meeting with me and the concerned authorities so we could solve the problem. I would be much obliged to you!


Dear Boss, I am regretting bringing this tragic state of affairs to your attention through this formal message that I, Rosemond Ray, have been subjected to sexual misconduct from my colleague Mark Zack this week. I took this matter to my head, but he did not pay any heed to what happened to me, instead called it a story. Since the company policy does not go along with this kind of demeanor and allows one to directly contact the CEO, I am requesting you to call a meeting on this. Please invite the concerned persons including me to a meeting so we could examine the matter. I would much appreciate this. Thank you!


Honorable Sir, I am writing this message to you as I had verbally communicated with you over this last week and you recommended me to take it more professionally and address this through formal writing to you. My issue is, I was paid almost 30% less amount than I deserved in my last salary. I discussed the matter with the Finance department presuming it to be a misunderstanding, but the concerned officer did not reckon my due right. I request you to call a meeting on this problem so I could have the rest of my last month’s salary. I have all the relevant documents as evidence with me. I would much appreciate it if you can do this at your earliest. Thank you!

Meeting Request Messages to Boss

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