Notice to Staff to Maintain Attendance Register


Re. Notifying the Employees to Maintain Staff Attendance Register and Tracking the Record of Employees’ Presence and Punctuality to Reduce Attendance Muddle and Absenteeism

Dear all, this letter has been written with the best wishes for your health and work. This letter has been drafted to serve as a notice to the Department of Human Resources to maintain an attendance register and track the record of the employees’ presence. Then, it is directed to inform the other staff about the attendance register so that they mark their attendances on a regular basis without any halt in the procedure of attendance evaluation.

An attendance register is a must when it comes to maintaining the employees’ track of presence, absence, punctuality, number of leaves per month and annum, and half-day leaves. This is important to keep all of them in the record as it is to be employed and implemented in the Monthly and Yearly Review Report. Review Reports play a vital role while doing promotions, demotions, fines, and other policy implementations. 

Moreover, the maintenance of the attendance register inculcates the idea of high professional commitment, enlarges one’s view to the attendance as per rules, and regulates the employee behavior towards punctuality and professional commitment to the workplace timings. It makes the employee conscious of the number of leaves they take along with their late arrivals by highlighting the possible penalties coming the way in case of non-compliance. Other than that, attendance registers are important for the accounts section while managing the payrolls.

As per necessity and compulsion, it is directed to the Human Resource Management to maintain an attendance register and feed the instruction of filling into that. You are required to make the Microsoft Excel Sheets and print them out binding them into a file. Weekly and Monthly attendance reports are mandatory and should be reached in the office of the General Manager at the end of every week and month.

Furthermore, you are requested to inform the staff of the office about the attendance register so that they can mark the attendances without missing any day from 10th May 20XX. For more, you can contact me at [EMAIL]. Please find the list of attendance instructions enclosed. Thank you.


Olivia Ross
Assistant Management
Department of General Administration and Development (GAD)
DEGRO Groups and CO. 
San Diego, California, USA

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Re. Notice to Maintain Attendance Register as Temporary Replacement of Biometric device until Further Orders 

Dear Liam,

This letter has been penned in pursuance of letter no. 701 complaining about the fault in a biometric device that is used for biometric marking of attendance. An attendance register has to be kept and maintained as a replacement for the biometric device. The attendance register would be a temporary replacement and after a certain time, attendance shall be returned to the biometric device. 

 In the complaint letter submitted on 5th May 20XX, it was stated that the biometric device that has been inscribed in the main gate corridor has been out of order and needs repair and other installations. The device showed some systematic error while it looked over and scanned for the Weekly Attendance Report. The device has been sent to the IT Department for software reinstallation and repair that can take time. 

During that time, it is requested to maintain an attendance file with Microsoft Excel sheets to mark the presence, absence, leaves, and late arrivals. This replacement has been made temporarily, therefore; it needs to be in charge manually. Marking attendance is crucial as the whole criteria of payroll and employee performance are complemented by attendance. All the instructions for maintaining a manual attendance register have been enclosed in this file.

All the employees should be informed about the replaced medium of marking attendance and should be bound to mark it on daily basis. No marking of attendance shall be considered as an absence that can affect the payroll at the end of the month. Attendance must be reviewed by the Human Resource Manager and duly signed. For more call me at +1[X] or email me at [EMAIL]. Thank you for the cooperation. 

Best Regards

Michael Nova
The General Admin
One Star Group of Agencies
U-11 Swan Road, OR Avenue, San Diego

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