Parent Teacher Communication Log

A student’s academic progress depends on many factors. One of these important factors is smooth communication between parents and teachers. For this purpose, many educational institutes offer the facility of a parent-teacher communication log. It may be in digital form or on paper. Either way, it makes communication easier and also maintains a record of the discussions carried out between parents and teachers.

Here are the various benefits of maintaining a parent-teacher communication log.

Easy Way to Share Concerns

This log provides a way for both parents as well as teachers to share their concerns regarding the overall performance of a student. Teachers can point out any issues that need to be resolved by parents. Likewise, parents can raise concerns about problems that need the attention of the teachers.

Updates about a Student’s Progress

Parents can receive regular updates about the progress of their children at school. This is important for assessing how a child is performing in various subjects. Any issues can be resolved in a timely way when regular updates are provided.

Maintains a Record of Communication

Things discussed through verbal communication can often be forgotten. This log provides a written record of the communication that takes place between teachers and parents. It can be referred to in the future in case of any issues.

Enhances the Involvement of Parents

One of the biggest benefits of a parent-teacher communication log is that it increases the involvement of a student’s parents in his academic performance. A child’s overall progress depends on the collective efforts carried out by teachers as well as parents. However, often, parents are unaware of what their child is doing at school. On the other hand, some parents are simply too busy to show concern. This leads to negligence which in turn can affect the academic performance of a student.

This log allows both teachers and parents to build a smooth stream of communication on a regular basis. Even the busiest parents have a way of checking the progress of their child. It enables them to discuss their concerns accordingly.

Through this enhanced involvement, parents can help their child towards academic success by resolving all issues through effective communication.

Builds a Strong Parent-Teacher Communication

Through regular communication, parents and teachers are able to build strong relationships with each other. This in turn leads to a supportive environment for students. When both teachers and parents work together, they are able to provide a positive environment for a child for learning and progressing.

Accuracy of Information

There can be errors in any information provided verbally. However, a communication log provides accurate information. This is important for informing parents of the dates of upcoming tests or exams. Likewise, it also updates parents about upcoming events like Parent Teacher Meetings or schedules for co-curricular activities.

By using a parent-teacher communication log regularly, a student’s progress can be enhanced. This log leads to flawless communication and makes it convenient for parents as well as teachers to raise concerns and resolve issues with the support and cooperation of each other.

Parent teacher communication log

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