Performance Improvement Plan Letter to Employee

Any kind of behavior that proves as a hindrance in the company’s growth or business performance is deemed un unprofessional and no organization tolerates such elements. Mostly, a problem occurs that alarms the management, because of the lack of an ability to finish the assigned work at the employee’s part. But not every employee is able to catch up with what’s expected of him in a specific timeframe. A lot of times, supervisors witness underperformance of their subordinates owing to multiple reasons.

Nevertheless, deliberate indolence or backed by genuine factors, whatever the reasons to inactivity are, no workplace tolerates such a thing. After all, a company employs individuals after much scrutiny to expand its business and increase the number of clients and if those who make it a charge of start exhibiting inadequacy, why would it keep them?

It is, henceforth, the fundamental duty of a supervisor or the HR head to take care of employee retention. Once the supervisor catches an employee going through the dull phase for long enough, he/she should confront them making them realize that the management is watching over them. The first confrontation should be verbal without intimidating the worker of any disciplinary hearings.

Nonetheless, the management should still send them a letter to make things legal and safe for the company. In the letter, it should be written why the company felt like addressing this issue in the first place and how verbal communication has already been made on the subject matter.

If you ever have to write such a letter, make sure you have provided the necessary information regarding employee’s negligence and how it was hurting the company. You can also mention the time frame given to the worker which he failed to comply with.

After you are done with the basics, write down the whole map of the plan you both discussed on how to elicit the best performance out of him/her. Mention the given duration and resources in the execution of the plan. You may also intimate the employee on how failure to carry out this assignment can lead to disciplinary measures or termination too.

Sample Letter

Dear Johnathan,

It is hereby intimated to you that we have been observing your performance from two months now and we regret bringing it to your attention that we are not satisfied with your output. Not only that you are not consistent with the time frames allotted for executing a certain project, you don’t even find it necessary to inform your superiors for the delay and the factors involved in it.

Before taking any disciplinary actions, we would like to try one more time with you. Enclosed in this letter is a performance improvement plan from your project head and I have personally approved it after a thorough introspection.

It is expected of you to follow all the guidelines and instructions of this plan and complete the project within the due date. Any otherwise activity or outcome may lead to severe consequences.

Should you have any queries, you may contact Mr. Mike who has been appointed as your head.



Performance Improvement Plan Letter to Employee

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