Warning Letter for Deliberately Damaging Company Reputation

No company tolerates dishonesty when it comes to the integrity and reputation of its employees. Employees are expected to not only perform their assigned duties vigilantly but also respect a company’s rights of confidentiality of its information.

The whole face value of a company is built upon its hard-earned reputation and if one worker tries to be over smart and damage this reputation, he/she is no longer needed for the business rather deemed harmful.

Almost every big-scale corporation hires a team to keep an eye on the employees’ activities in this particular context. They keep a check-and-balance through unseen scrutiny in their own ways to see if any employee is being disgraceful to the company. On account of various reasons, workers sometimes either deliberately or mistakenly start taking advantage of the company’s inside environment. They know how to sell confidential information to a competitor organization or simply try to slander their workplace as an insider. Being over smart, they assume the bosses have no idea of their defamatory exercises because of the silence from the other end.

However, a lot of times the supervisors are only keeping silent because they want to first make sure before taking any disciplinary action and also to give the employee a chance to get back on the right track if the intensity of damage is not very high.

But no company puts up with such malicious behavior that can spread like cancer in the entire system, so it believes to uproot it entirely. The right way of addressing this grave issue is not verbal hearings because firstly, you will not have any proof to strengthen your case legally, and secondly, the extreme nature of the subject matter demands a more professional method.

If you ever have to write this warning letter for deliberately damaging a company’s reputation, make sure you are clear in your head before you plunge in with anger. Stay professional and unbiased only sticking to the core points.

Write how the company has caught you damaging its reputation by enclosing solid proofs in it. Inform the employee that they have been terminated or any other disciplinary measure with fewer implications.

Right after it, you can also mention if they keep on repeating the same mistakes, the company’s lawyer will have to take things more legally.

Sample Letter

Dear Nickel Patel,

It is hereby intimated to you that the company has realized the slanderous activities you have been engaged in for two months. You participated in the defamatory discussions with the employees of our competitor business “ABC Solutions” disclosing inside information. All the proofs are documented in this letter.

The company policy is strict about violating the rules, especially that pertaining to its prestige in the marketplace. You have harmed our hard-earned face value in the industry.

Take this letter as your first and last warning and refrain from any malicious action. If you do not further stop your conduct, the company lawyer will have to sue you and things will be dealt in the courtroom only.


Skyline Ventures

Warning Letter for Deliberately Damaging Company Reputation

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