Property Management Welcome Letter

A property management welcome letter is written by an organization that is managing a particular property that has been sold or rented out. This letter is addressed to the new tenants or owners of the property. In this letter, the company welcomes the new residents, and make them accustomed to the new place by informing them about the available facilities as well as the rules that they have to abide by.

Sometimes, when a property is sold out, the duties of the property management company become minimal. However, they are still responsible for managing the area for the overall good of the people, who reside there. For instance, if the property is a building, the apartment residents would be responsible for the cleaning of their homes, while the building and corridors’ cleaning will be the property management company’s job. Therefore, it is important to make the newcomers know about the facilities, management policies, and rules.

To make the new residents familiar with the new place and its rules, a property management welcome letter is written. The information included in the letter is chosen by the property management company. However, the general details in the template of such letters are:

  • Date.
  • Details of the resident.
  • Details of the company.
  • Welcome note.
  • Offered facilities.
  • Rules and regulations.
  • Monthly charges payable (usually, the amount is not mentioned).
  • Contract rollover rules, in the case of a rented property.
  • Offer help and assistance.
  • Wish you a wonderful stay.
  • Salutations and signature.

This letter does not only welcome the newcomers but introduce them to and make them understand the new place as well. They get an idea about how they have to live there, what charges do they have to incur, and what facilities they can avail.

Sample Letter



Dear Ms. Jill,

I welcome you to your new home. I hope you enjoy residing in your new apartment and enjoy the benefits our company ABC Limited offer to this building.

We, at ABC Limited, ensure that you get a safe and secure living environment, which is why we do a thorough selection interview of the people before selling or renting an apartment. For further security, every building has its own day and night guard.

Here, you will enjoy a constant supply of water, gas, and electricity. You can call the helpline anytime the need arises, and ask for the plumber, electrician, and all the maintenance people. There is a water filter near every building so that you can easily access clean drinking water.

We offer all these constant facilities on a nominal maintenance fee, which we expect you to pay in a timely manner, to avoid any interruptions. Furthermore, we expect you to pay the bills and rent charges on time, as we are answerable to the owners of the apartments in case an issue arises, as we are the ones who select and choose the people who take the house.

In addition, any damage to the property will be covered by you. The company will not be responsible for any type of loss or damage. In addition, we offer a safe parking facility, however, if you park somewhere else, you will be responsible for your own car.

After two years of your contract completion, we, along with the owners, will analyze the apartment condition before rolling the contract over.

We are here to provide any type of help and assistance. We are available 24 hours on the helpline number [X]. You can reach us anytime you want. We hope you enjoy staying in this building.

Thank you.


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