Quotation Request Reply Letter

Re. Response to the Quotation Request Forwarded by the Department of [name] for Tender Number [mention the serial number as advertised]

Dear Sir, we received your request for quotation on [date] via email from the department of [name] which was then forwarded to us from our department of Planning and Development. We submitted our worksheet and a letter of interest after the advertisement of tenders your company advertised on [date]. The tenders were published on the social media accounts of your company which were later published by various business newspapers.

As we understand all the terms and conditions you want to work with, we have some reservations at some points. We have a team of 26 members in the manufacturing department who work on the installation of inverters and chillers in the buildings.

We, recently, completed a project with the federal government that included the installation of 203 inverters in the official buildings and institutes. We have 10 systems of delta inverter manufacturing and direct electronic systems for the manufacturing of inverters. Due to the huge burden, we declined all the offers and bids.

However, it is always a great pleasure working with you. We have learned a lot from past projects with your company. We feel pride in working with you. Therefore, with a gap of one week, we are in the capacity to recommence the manufacturing of new products. According to your demand for some technical changes in the projects, we shall endeavor to bring the desired changes in the manufacturing.

We shall send our contract documents on [date] through email. In case of any queries, please send us your queries at [email address].



[company name]
[stamp & signature]


Re. Reply to the Quotation Request

Dear Manager,

We are thankful to you for sending us a request for the quotation. We feel honored to have a prestigious company like yours. It has always been a great experience working with you. Your staff and all the team leaders are extremely professional and hardworking. They personally put in a lot of effort and add value to the project. They are equally competent and very fair in fulfilling their responsibilities.

We are reviewing the terms and conditions of the contract and the details of the project submitted. We shall reach back to you in a few days after completely analyzing the terms and conditions of the project along with the project time frame. We shall also review and evaluate the capacity for the cost analysis of the project. As you know cost analysis is a time-taking process, therefore, you will need to bear with us. Thank you for putting your trust and interest in us.

We will submit our quotation for tender no. [serial number of the tender] as soon as before this weekend. For more, please do not hesitate to dial [phone number] or write to us at [email address]. Our team shall be at your disposal at [phone number] for general appointments. Thank you.

Regards Best,


Quotation Request Reply Letter

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