Authorization Letter to Use Company Car

Re. Letter of Authorization to Use Company Car; Vehicle No. [mention the number of the vehicle]

Dear [name], this letter has been written to authorize the use of the car (details of the vehicle in the following paragraph) for the under-mentioned employee. Mr. [name] has been a wonderful employee in our office, working as a marketing manager since [20xx]. He has always been found responsible, careful, diligent, and competent in whatever duty assigned.

By referring to this mindfulness of his responsibilities, we authorize the use of a car for him. Following are the details of the vehicle.

Car Model:
Car Model Number:
Car Tracker ID:

The registration number of the car:
The serial number of the car:
Complete documentation:
Previously used by:
Handed over to:
Handed over by:

Hence, the receiver has to abide by all the bylaws of the company related to the use of company property or motor vehicles according to the Company Property Laws (2020). According to the mentioned laws, an employee who will be authorized to use the company’s vehicle or any other moveable property shall always refer back to the ownership of the vehicle. Any traffic laws violation, driving under influence, or involvement in criminal activities shall repudiate all the rights of the employee to use that vehicle.

Any damage to the property shall be deducted from the salary of the concerned person. For the current authorization no guarantee has been demanded, therefore, the vehicle shall be handed over in the guarantee of the company’s board.

To know more, you can visit our website page including Company Property Laws (2020). Please acknowledge the authorization by sending me an email at [email address].

Thank you.


(Sample -2)

Re. Authorizing the Use of the Company’s Vehicle by [name] for Official Visits and Commuting for Official Assignments, Site Visits, and Bank Meetings

Dear [name],

This is a letter to inform you that the head of the [name of the department] is delighted to release authorization of using the company’s vehicle for certain tasks.

The vehicle shall be used strictly for official and professional purposes only. The vehicle shall not be used for personal commuting, however, occasional use of the vehicle for to commute from work to home or home to work is partially allowed. Personal use of a vehicle means the use of the car for intra-city visits. The official visits shall be recorded and the fuel for the visits shall be reimbursed from the company’s account office after the approval of the HR manager.

The employee shall be liable to inform the concerned authorities if any of the official visits is 100 km or more away from the office location.

Any negligence that causes damage to the vehicle shall be penalized after proven. Hence, the employee is advised to use the company’s car in an effective yet careful way. Company property rules and regulations apply to the authorization of a car to Mr. [name].

If anything remains unclear, please contact Human Resources. Thank you.


Authorization Letter to Use Company Car

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