Reply to Letter of Acceptance of Tender Offer

A tender offer is an official notice of request by a company or an organization to ask the contractors to bid and prepare a proposal for their project. If you, as an individual or as a part of an organization, have some reputation and are considered the experts of a specific task, there are higher chances of companies sending you tender offers specifically. This tender offer can either be a request to sell your stocks or to provide your services to them in return for some money.

Once you have received the tender letter, the ball is in your court and you can either reject the offer or accept it depending upon your circumstances and your willingness to bid for the tender.

In case you want to accept the tender offer, you are supposed to let the sending party know of your decision. The best way to do so is by sending them an acceptance letter.

In such a letter you can formally accept their offer for tender and can also express your gratitude regarding getting the offer. This letter is not only a speaking proof of your professionalism and work ethics but is also a representation of your excitement and passion upon receiving the tender.

Writing such a letter can seem like a tricky task at times. Mostly, tender offers are accepted or rejected in person and this is why there is no well-known pattern to carry out such sort of coordination via written tools.

In case you have personally received a tender offer or have been asked by your boss to write an acceptance letter in response to the tender offer your office has received, you must know the basics of writing such a letter.

Given below is a general pattern that can help you understand the basics of such a letter. You can either use it as it is or can edit it to best suit your purpose:

Sample Letter


Communications Manager,
Manchester Construction Company,
Fifth Sq. Avenue, New Manchester

Subject: Letter of acceptance for the tender offer

Respected [Recipient],

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this letter in response to your tender offer that we received a few days back. Please know that we have been extremely humbled and honored to receive your tender offer. We have carefully gone through your offer and have gone at lengths with our team about whether we should accept it or not.

After a thorough discussion, we have decided that your offer is indeed in our benefits and we would like to accept it with great zest. Please ask your HR department to arrange with our team a meeting so that we all may be able to discuss the tender and its terms in a better and clearer manner before starting the official working on the tender.

Again, thank you for considering us for your tender offer. We hope the process goes smoothly.

Looking forward to having a meeting with you


Reply to Letter of Acceptance of Tender Offer

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