Letter of Acceptance of Tender Offer

In big-scale work, when companies have a project to get done, they don’t contact individual contractors on their own. Instead, the protocol is to make a tender offer to anyone interested and it is equally available to all the eligible professionals.

This tender includes the nature of the project a company is looking to get executed through a second or third party with all the necessary details for instance a timeline and expectations during the whole process. All the fundamental clauses are written on it and usually, they are not subject to change.

Since this tender is made public through multiple mediums with a maximum public reach like newspapers, magazines of the related niche, the official website of the company, and sometimes even radio is used for such a purpose.

Generally, organizations and freelance workers are always hunting for tenders, so they are well-informed keeping themselves updated on the hot opportunities in the industry. Once they see the tender offer made, they rush to go through it and if they believe they can carry out the assignment, they apply for the opportunity right away. Mostly, such workers have a rough sketch of a proposal ready as in response to tenders.

A lot of companies have hired a team to hunt for tenders they can work on and the major goal of this team is to win as many tenders offer as it can in a month. Now, if you are an individual or an employee holding such a position, it should be your passion to respond to tender offers as quickly yet as smoothly as you can.

The best way to opt for this is by writing a response letter to the tender offer. In this letter, you may write about how you have read the tender and why are you interested in it. Mention how the services you provide are quite relevant to the project the company is offering. A bit introduction to your credentials to prove you are the right fit for this job won’t hurt you. Also, showing promise can increase your chances of acceptance.

Following is a draft of the acceptance letter for the tender offer.

Sample Letter

John Paul,
Marketing Executive,

Johnson Brothers,

Skyline Works would like to bring it into your attention that we are overwhelmed to receive your tender offer. We have gone through all the clauses alongside the terms & conditions and we believe with the outstanding services of our team of experts, your project can be executed the way you want it.

Our top-notch professionals will show vigilance and devotion in carrying out the project. Skyline Works has the power and dedication to bring forth the desired outcome. We are enclosing our proposal for this project within this letter and we would love to hear your feedback on it.

Should you have any queries on the subject matter, please feel free to contact us at [X] and [email] during the working hours. With strong and clear communications, we can elicit the results you want.


Jeremy McLellan,
Sales and Marketing,
Skyline Works

Letter of Acceptance of Tender Offer

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