Reply to Tender Invitation Letter

As someone who has a reputation in a project market, you are likely to be on the top list of the companies that might require your or your office’s services for their projects. Unlike our informal and daily life contracts, asking another company or individual to carry out a project is a formal transaction that needs to be carried out very carefully and formally.

Mostly, companies send their tender notices to the project managers and organizations which they think are capable enough to be completing their specific projects professionally. This tender notice is an intimation of the project is started, what are the expected desires, and what criterion should one fulfill to carry it out. The tender notice is like an implicit request to you so that you may draft a proper proposal of how you plan to complete that sender’s project and send it to them in due time.

However, making a proposal plan may take weeks or even months depending upon the project’s complexity and scale. It is, therefore, necessary for you to immediately acknowledge the sending party and intimate them about yourself receiving their tender invitation letter. You may also refuse to work out on a proposal in response to the tender if you are not willing to work but sending a thank you letter for acknowledgment of the sending party is a must.

As someone who has a repute and stays in an organization’s working mechanism or as an individual being offered a project, you may find yourself struggling with writing a good reply to a tender invitation letter. Here is a sample letter that expresses thankfulness and accepts the tender invitation. You may alter it for your purpose and to what suits you better:

Sample Letter


Sending Party’s Name


Subject: Response to the tender invitation for the project [XYZ]

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I hope this letter finds you in a good health. I am writing this to let you know about your tender invitation reaching out to us. We have gone through it carefully and would like to congratulate you on initiating such a tremendous project. We are sure that a lot of thoughtfulness must have preceded this project, and much more will be needed in the future and that it is indeed a table-turning project.

Please accept this letter as our expression of gratitude upon your kind consideration of our services for your project. We are equally interested in it and want to render our services for its completion too. For this purpose, we will need some time to craft a comprehensive proposal letter and send it to you before the tender submission deadline.

We shall start working on it right away and will soon send it your way. Also, if you may arrange a meeting during the process for some clarification purposes it would be a great help. We hope to come up to your expectations in our proposal and are excited to work with you.

Again, thank you for sending us a tender invitation.

Best regards,

Reply to tender Invitation Letter

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