Request Letter for Construction Material Needed

I am Jackson, project manager at Stars Construction Company. With this letter, I am enclosing my formal request for the supply of material.

My company is famous for building banks, malls, and plazas and I am in this business for the last 10 years. We have a 100 percent success rate to our credit. Four months ago, the government ordered us to construct the head office building of a leading bank. We were given five months’ time to complete this important project.

We were very close to completing this project when it was realized that we are getting short of major construction material. I contacted my previous vendor, but his stock was also finished. Now, the situation is that if we are not provided with the construction material, the project will delay. My company may lose its worth in the market in that case and I don’t want it to happen.

Yesterday, I was searching for trustworthy and honest vendors for swift material supply. Your name was on top of that list with a lot of five stars from your clients. I decided to contact you and prepared the proposal.

I have enclosed a list containing names and quantity of material needed. It can be found attached to this letter. I request you to cooperate with me and supply the required amount of material at the earliest.

Please accept my proposal only if you have sufficient material in your stock and you are able to supply it within three working days. Alternatively, I must look for another supplier for the same purpose.

In case you accept this proposal for the supply of material, do let me know its estimated cost within one day so that I could make arrangements for a swift transfer of money. Once you win my trust, I can also pay you in advance.

If you keep supplying us with our required material, your payment will never be stopped. We are a big name in the construction business and have made our reputation after years’ long struggle. We have never compromised on quality, and we expect the same from our suppliers.

Please note that the supply of substandard material will be leading to the cancellation of the order, and we reserve the right to initiate legal action. Please comply with the instructions so that you may get further supply orders from my company.

I am waiting for your positive response in this regard.

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Subject: Request letter for material needed

Dear Johnson,

As far as I know, we worked for more than 10 years side by side with each other. Since we were dealing with the same kind of business, our collaboration made us business giants within a very little span of time. Today I am writing you for a favor. I am working on an important government construction project. My team is working 24/7 to meet the deadline. But we are facing a problem here.

Our previous supplier provided us with the required material in less quantity. Consequently, the deadline is approaching, and the material is about to an end. I request you to provide us with the required material as soon as possible. The list is also enclosed with this letter. Remember, we need it urgently. Please let me know if you can supply it within 7 days lest I should look for another supplier.

My teammates are burning like midnight oil and working with devotion to complete this project on time. Any delay in it may put us on the brink of losing our worth which has been made after a lot of struggles. So, it is my sincere request to comply with the instructions and supply us with the required amount of material at the earliest.

The area under construction is the larger one and we need to protect it as well. We leave the digger, crane, and excavator on site without any reasonable security measures. Owing to it, I shall be highly obliged if you accompany fencing components with the rest of the material. Your kind cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Considering our previous relationship, I hope you will show your cooperation. Please note that if you have less stock and cannot meet our demands, you may reject our request without any hesitation. If this is the situation, do let us know before [date] so that we may arrange an alternate source.

Thank you in anticipation.

Request Letter for Construction Material Needed

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