Request Letters for Various Reasons

  • Delivery Order

I am writing to you on behalf of XYZ corporation. Referring to the consignment number [X], I have been informed by your customer care representative that the order which was placed 2 weeks ago has still not been shipped to us. Kindly issue the delivery order to your warehouse at your earliest so that there are no further delays in the shipment.

The company expects to receive the consignment no later than 30th October. I hope we will not be disappointed.

  • Delivery of Goods

I am writing to you as a representative of XYZ Company. With reference to the order number [X], we await the delivery of the purchased goods.

The order was placed with you last week on 23rd September. Kindly expedite the delivery process. Our project is on hold till we receive the goods.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

  • Delivery Extension

This is in response to your complaint regarding the delay in the delivery of your ordered goods. On behalf of ABC Manufacturers, I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience.

Your order was placed online on the 22nd of March. However, due to heavy traffic on the website during the ongoing sale, our servers slowed down. As a result, we were not intimated about your order on time. You are requested to allow us to extend the delivery deadline. You will receive your order within two weeks.

ABC has been serving its clients for the past 15 years. We have built a strong business relationship with a large number of loyal clients as we work hard to deliver the best service. We are extremely sorry for your bad experience. However, rest assured that you will be satisfied with the quality of the goods. We hope to serve you in the future as well.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Request Letter for Delivery Extension

  • Delivery Instruction Slip

With reference to Demat account ID [X], I would like to request you to issue my delivery instructions slip. I have attached a copy of my ID card for verification.

Thank you.

  • Delivery of Credit Card

I am writing to inquire about my credit card request placed with reference to my account number [X] in your bank. I submitted an application for the issuance of a credit card last month. However, I still await the delivery of the card.

Kindly process my request as soon as possible and deliver the credit card to the address mentioned in the application form.

You may contact me at the provided number in case there is an issue with the application.

  • Delivery Note

On behalf of XYZ, I acknowledge the delivery of the ordered goods with reference to invoice number [X]. However, we have not received a delivery note with the goods. Kindly email the said document to the company’s official email ID.

We hope to receive the delivery note by tomorrow at the latest. Your cooperation will be appreciated. 

  • Delivery Permit

This is with reference to the application number [X]. I have applied for a delivery permit for my catering business. All details have been provided in the application form along with the required documentation. The due fee has also been paid. I have enclosed a copy of the bank receipt. Kindly issue my permit as soon as possible so that I may fulfill my business orders.

Thank you for your consideration.

Request Letter for Delivery Permit

  • Delivery of Vehicle

This is with reference to my booking of (vehicle name and model) at your showroom. I would like to request you for the delivery of the car at the provided address. I shall be paying the additional delivery charges.

Kindly acknowledge my request and contact me at (phone number) for confirmation.

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