Cover Letter for a School Counselor

I am writing this cover letter for applying to the position of counselor at your school (name of the school). I saw an advertisement that said your school required the applicants having at least one year of experience as a counselor. I am delighted to state that I have (no of years of experience) as a counselor. This experience of mine with my educational background gives me an edge over the other applicants and it is the reason that I believe I am the best fit for the job.

I have always admired the counselors as they help an individual with his issues without judging him, his background and his personality.

This admiration of mine for a counselor stems from my high school. We had Mr. (name of the person) as our counselor in high school. I was not a very bright student in studies, nor I performed well in sports. A professor of mine once asked me to meet the counselor as she always saw potential in me but was unable to understand why my performance was continuously going down day by day. I still remember the day I met him. I went into his room thinking that he is going to be none different than other teachers and he would also give me a paper full of questions to solve and then ask me questions that would make me feel uncomfortable. But to my surprise, none of this happened.

When I entered the room, I saw a young individual sitting on the table waiting for me. He offered me a drink and started discussing the football match the state has lost the other day. I was quite surprised because this was not what I expected. Long story short after an hour of meeting with the counselor I felt light as a feather. I felt I have made a new friend. A friend whom I can discuss with anything and he won’t be judging me for my thoughts.

After a few sessions, I was able to tell him about the issues going on in my home and that was a continuous source of anxiety for me. He promised me the issues would go away and that I should focus on my studies and participate in group discussions held as a class activity. My parents were called to the school and were told about the situation. It took some time, but everything went back to normal and I started acting like normal kids. I made friends and I started participating in sports and art competitions. If someone says that it was a turning point in my life, then it would not be a wrong statement.

Mr. (name of the person)’s personality had such a great effect on my life that I decided that I would also become a counselor one day and help students like me so they can also live their lives to their full without any fear.

I completed my bachelor’s in psychology from (name of the university). I completed my master’s degree from (name of the university). After I completed my studies I started working as a counselor in (name of the school). I was always praised for my work by both my colleagues and students. I always strived to better communicate with the students and help them resolve their issues no matter if those issues were related to studies or if they were personal.

I look forward to meeting you and your staff. I would love to use my expertise and knowledge for the betterment of the students of your school (name of the institution).

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover Letter for a Counselor

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